Keren Sachs – Visual Content and Strategy Consultant

We always appreciate the opportunity to catch up with picture professionals. Profiling Keren Sachs this week to find out how roles are shifting and evolving in our industry.

Keren has a broad and deep background working with visual media; from creating collections (Offset) to developing markets for Archives (Commercial division for Trunk Archive), to directing and creating content on an international scale (Corbis). For almost a year, Keren has been building her own brand, as a Visual Content and Strategy Consultant.

  • With such a rich background in all aspects of visual media, starting your own consultancy seems like a natural progression. Tell us a bit about what you are doing and who you are helping?

One of the most rewarding aspects of my previous role was helping photographers generate income with their image archives. I am continuing this effort but on a larger scale, with both start-ups and established businesses that are looking for help to grow their revenue by creating the right content for today’s market and to think more strategically about their visual identity.

I’m working with a variety of businesses to advise them on everything from their visual strategy to art direction to contributor acquisition. Each business has different needs – for some it’s attracting the right audience so we dig into their marketing and branding strategy. For others it’s having the right content to meet the needs of buyers and for others it’s pricing and sales strategy.

  • What part of the process is the most stimulating and engaging for you?

Over the years I’ve developed a strong network of smart, talented colleagues who I am now able to call on depending on my clients needs.  I love making connections and bringing people together. Helping a team bring an an idea to life, no matter how big or small, is a great passion of mine.

  • You have quite an impressive CV, working with industry leaders and thinkers. Who or what  is on your bucket list to work with  – a dream challenge?

I’m drawn to innovators and disruptors. I enjoy working with businesses taking on new challenges. I feel very fortunate to be working with innovative companies with bright futures.

  • The Visual Media world continues to shift and morph – from Stock Photo agency, to archives and collections to distribution models – none of it looks the same as it did even 5 years ago. How would you guide someone interested in working in this field now? Not a photographer, but an editor, researcher, Art Director who loves creating, marketing, licensing imagery?

This  industry is constantly changing but I think we can help propel it forward even faster. Many companies are realizing how much of a dramatic pivot they need to make to keep pace. Smaller companies who once distributed content are now pulling back to have more control over pricing and build their own direct sales teams. The industry needs changemakers who are willing to contribute forward thinking ideas and help it to evolve. My advice to anyone new or seasoned in the industry is to bring fresh perspectives and not lose sight of the needs of both customers and contributors.

For editors, it’s important to consider the world around them and download and license imagery that their audience will respond to – that singular act causes a ripple effect by telling contributors what they do and don’t like. The more editors download high quality content, the more premium content is created. Every person in this industry plays a role in the much larger picture of content creation.

  • Who are some visual (or other) artists who inspire you in the work you are doing? Books, periodicals, etc. that provide a creative ‘pick me up’?

I fill my creative wonder by finding exciting new artists on social media, especially Instagram. I am constantly amazed by the breadth of talent that continues to pop up from unexpected names and places. Sites like Feature Shoot are a great way to discover new artists. Also, some of the new direct-to-consumer brands like Glossier have a smart, fresh and authentic perspective on branded content.

What else do we need to know about Keren Sachs and the work you are doing?

I am working on a really exciting project that will launch in the new year. More details to come so stay tuned!

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