Visual Connections New York 2017

Marketing opportunities

Be listed in the show directory

Let over 1,000 professional image/footage/art buyers know about your company by being listed in the show directory, which is designed to be a useful reference resource with a shelf life beyond the show. Each listing is allocated a quarter of a page, and is included in the subject category index. In addition to be handed to all attendees at the New York Image Expo, the directory will be mailed to buyers who register but don’t attend, and distributed to buyers at various other events.

As an added bonus, you will receive a free year’s gallery listing in our online directory, worth $99.

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Entry in show directory booking closed

Deadline for ordering and uploading image: September 15

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Advertise in the show directory

Stand out from the crowd with a half- or full-page ad in the show directory. See above for circulation details. Rates are exceptionally good value at:

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Full page advert in show directory booking closed
Half page advert in show directory booking closed

Deadline for ordering and uploading artwork: September 15

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Include material in registration bag

Get your promotional material into the hands of hundreds of buyers! We will pack one item of printed material or other promotional item (subject to approval*) in the tote bags handed out to all attendees. When approved and booked, please arrange for your material to be shipped to the warehouse. Please write REGISTRATION DESK in place of a table number in the shipping address.

  Full price
Promotional material in registration bags US$ 650.00

*If the item you would like to included is heavy or bulky, please ask us about it booking this item.

Deadline for ordering: October 13

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Advertise on-screen at the expo

Large format monitors will be situated by both refreshment areas, where they will receive maximum attention. Each monitor will run a showreel of still images, footage clips and adverts. You can purchase a slot of between one and three minutes. Each minute you purchase will receive at least 20 minutes of exposure.

You can upload a prepared video clip or we can assemble a slide show of images. If you purchase more minutes than the length of your clip, we will repeat the clip more times to give you the full amount of exposure (e.g. you purchase 3 minutes and upload a 1.5 minute clip; we will show the clip twice in each cycle.)

  Full price
Minute-slots of on-screen advertising, 1 minute US$ 125.00
Minute-slots of on-screen advertising, 2 minutes US$ 200.00
Minute-slots of on-screen advertising, 3 minutes US$ 250.00

Deadline for ordering and uploading media: October 6

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We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities, including the prize drawing; a beer, wine or dessert bar; and your branding on the registration bags.

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Useful links

Sample directory listing

Sample show directory listing
The quality of the attendees was excellent.
— Alison Hoy, Vital Imagery Ltd.