Visual Connections New York 2010

Where New York, United States
Date Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
Venue Metropolitan Pavilion
Address 125 West 18th Street, New York, 10011 (map)


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59% of attendees were new this year. Despite the continuing uncertainty about the economy and clear signs that the industry has contracted significantly since 2008, the general mood was more upbeat than in 2009, hopefully signalling that the worst is finally behind us!

What buyers most value – and this is echoed in most of the feedback comments we received – is the personal contact that this event affords, something that has been largely lost in our Internet-centred work lives. A close second is the inspiration the event provides, from the variety of imagery on show to the topical sessions. It was clear that footage is starting to become mainstream, a trend that we fully intend to encourage.

For the sellers, the greatest value is in being able to hold the attention of potential clients long enough to really explain what they have to offer, something that is almost impossible via any other marketing channel these days. It’s not just being seen, it’s being heard too that makes this event so effective.

This is a breakdown by market sector of the registrants:

Breakdown by market sector

Prize winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s sponsored prize drawing:

Prize sponsor Winner
V&A Tracey Woods, Essence Magazine
Trunk Archive Sheryl Checkman, Checkman Design Inc
Steve Bloom Images Liaht Pashayan, OUP
Robert Harding World Imagery  Lora Morgenstern, TICS Nicole Powdar, Prudential Advertising
Photo Researchers Inc Michelle Bernstein, Grey Healthcare
National Geographic Stock Erin Giunta, INK Publishing
MFA Lisa Gee, John Wiley & Sons Inc
Map Resources  Sylvia Johnson, ABC News
Lonely Planet Images Tyler Nevins, Disney Publishing
License Stream Penny Chuang, Adventium
Lebrecht Music & Arts Photo Library Erica Mellow, Sapient Nitro
Kimball Stock  Kelley Miller, National Geographic Kids
Image Source Angela Lewis Reid, Draftfcb Healthcare
Grant Heilman Photography Inc Christine Buege, WHF/Worth
Fotolia  Nayon Cho, Farrar Straus & Giroux
Art Resource John Holonitch, McGraw- Hill
AP Images Randi Silberman, IEEE Spectrum
Alamy Belina Huey, Random House
Age Fotostock Carrin Ackerman, Weekly Reader

And the winner of our $500 referral prize drawing is Lisa Ocasio of Hearst Digital Media.

Digital University seminar and sessions program

10am Copyright and Image Licensing in the World of New Technology, New Media and New Users
Panel discussion, led by PACA Legal Counsel Nancy Wolff, about fair use, DMCA protection, Creative Commons, digital usage rights, and any issues put forward by the audience.
1pm Crystal Ball for Creative Careers
A panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities today’s environment offers for career progression.
2:30pm When Two Worlds Collide
A panel discussion about licensing and using footage in new media applications, from the Web to e-books.
4pm Digital Toolbox - Creative Collaboration at a Distance
Introduction and demonstration of useful new Web tools and techniques to enable creative professionals to collaborate effectively.
5:30pm Custom or Stock: What do people want?
A panel discussion about using photography creatively and effectively, examining some brilliant examples en route. The presentation is now available as a PDF.

This program of sessions was organized by Ellen Herbert of NEAT, a visual production company.

Visual Connections New York 2010
© 2010 Dexter Lane/Visual Connections
Visual Connections gave me a clearer idea of the upcoming trends is imagery - ranging from stock photos, to footage to animation. I am just learning about stock footage and and the 2:30 session totally inspired me. It was totally worth the time and the trip up from DC!
— Jennifer Davis Heffner, K12 Inc.
Visual Connections New York 2010
© 2010 Dexter Lane/Visual Connections
It was easy to forget about today's horrible economy—the smiles, beer, and snacks were freely flowing. Everyone was in a great mood! It was fabulous!
— Holly Cefrey, Rosen Publishing Group
Visual Connections New York 2010
© 2010 Dexter Lane/Visual Connections
At one point, I remember I felt so good about the show that I thought to myself ... this is a good place to be today, there are no problems in the world at the moment...and how can the economy be so bad? There really were good vibrations last Wednesday at 125 West 18th Street.
— Anita Duncan, Photo Researchers, Inc.
Visual Connections New York 2010
© 2010 Dexter Lane/Visual Connections
This event is the real definition of social networking! It is our annual chance to actually talk face to face with those we do business with everyday!
— Ed Whitley, Bridgeman Art Library