Visual Connections New York 2014

Look who's registered ...

Design Director, 22 graphics
Art Director, 22 Graphics Inc
Archivist, 6th sense studio/havas
Marketing, 744 Creative
AD/Design, 744 Creative
Manager, A&E Television Networks
Sr. Production & Rights Management Analyst, A+E Networks
Supervisor, Digital Media Services, AAA Publishing / Content & Product Development
Art Director, AD Design Associates
Senior Systems Analyst, Ad Infinitum Press
President, Ad Infinitum Press
PrePress Manager/Art Buyer, Adler USA
Senior Graphic Designer, AECOM
Director of Marketing, ALCC American Language
Photography Director, All You
Freelance Photo Researcher, Allure
Photography Researcher, Allure Magazine
Owner/Creative Director, AM Mascia Design Inc.
Design Director, American Institute of Architects
Photography Editor, American Lawyer
Photo Editor, American Museum of Natural History
President, American Photographic Artists
Executive Director, American Photographic Artists
Visual Asset Manager, Amplify
Visual Asset Coordinator, Amplify
Manager - Content Partners, Amplify
Owner, Amy Wessan Fine Art
Director, Aptara
Creative Director, Arcade Beauty
Researcher, Archival Film and Photo Research
Executive Producer, Arf & Co
Editor/Researcher, Art & Photo Research
CEO/Co-Founder, Art of Museums, LLC.
Business Manager,
Sr. Director of Merchandising,
CEO, Arthur King Consulting
President, Artline
Photo Editor, ARTnews
Executive Director, ASPP
Archival Researcher, Atlas Films
Art Editor, Audubon Magazine
Editor/Publisher, Autonomedia
Photo Researcher, Avanti Press
Art Producer, Avanti Press
Creative Director, Aventium
Art Buyer, Bank of America
VP, Art Buying, Bank of America
Art Buyer, Barbara Hirth-Strauss
Image Research & Licensing, Barbara S. Salz, LLC
Principal, Barbette Media Services
Art Buyer/Picture Editor, Barbette Media Services
Media producer, Bard Graduate Center
Librarian, Bard Graduate Center
Manager Rights & Reproductions, Bard Graduate Center
Designer, Bark Frameworks
Director of Sales,
AD, Corp. ID Coordinator, BD
Senior Photo Editor, Bedford, WH Freeman & Worth Publishers: Macmillan Higher Education
Art Researcher/Coordinator, Belvedere Editorial & Research
Director, Multimedia, Benchmark Education
Photo Assistant, Benchmark Education Company
Creative Director + Owner, Bettymedia
Director/editor, Between the Rivers Productions
Film Producer, Between the Rivers Productions
Art Director, Beverage Media Group
Visual Researcher, Big Picture Research (Freelance)
Permissions Specialist, BJU Press
Photo Editor, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
assistant editor, Bloomsbury Publishing
Producer, Blue Chalk Media
Photo Editor, Bluedot Projects
National Media Director, Bnai Zion Foundation
media assistant, Bnai Zion Foundation
Executive Director Creative, Bobbi Brown
CEO, Bondfire Inc.
Integrated Design/Production Manager, Bonnier Corp.
Picture researcher, Bonnier Publications A/S
Managing Photo Editor, Boxing Badger Media
Associate Photo Editor, Brides Magazine
Principal, CA Consultants
CEO, carol chislovsky design
President, Carousel Research, Inc
Picture Researcher, Carousel Research, Inc
Senior Graphic Designer, Cemusa Inc
Partner Manager, Cengage Learning
Partner Manager, Intellectual Property, Cengage Learning
Creative Consultant, Chatterbox Enterprises
President, CHP Productions Inc
President, citicom Advertising
President, Class Act Inc.
Graphic Designer/Owner, Clayton Design
Photo Editor, Complex
Head of Production & Post, Concept Farm
Permissions Analyst, Conde Nast
Visuals Editor, Conde Nast/Vogue
Creative Director, Consultant
Director, Craig Jordan Design
Picture Editor, Crisma Imaging
Creative Director, Crystal McKenzie
Chief Creative Officer, Crystal Mckenzie, Inc.
Senior Graphic Designer, Cushman & Wakefield
Owner, David Herman Studio
Creative Director, David Thall
Freelance researcher, Design Conceptions
Buyer / Studio Manager, Design Lab / FHI 360
Director, Design Lab / FHI 360
design director, Designs for Growth
Executive Director, Business Affairs and Talent, DigitasLbi
Marketing Associate, Diligent
Creative Director, Diligent
Senior Art Director, Diligent Board Books
Marketing Associate, Diligent Board Member Services
Art Buyer, DIRECTV
Outreach Liaison, DOT / City
Creative Director, Douglas & Voss
Principal, Douglas Muir Architects
Editorial Director, Downtown Bookworks
Editorial Assistant, Downtown Bookworks
Principal, Drive Communications Inc
Director of Integrated Business Affairs, Droga5
Assistant art producer, Droga5
Social Producer, Droga5
Graphic Designer, Duke University Press
Producer, Duncan/Channon
Director, DVG Studios
Art Director, Dynamo Design
creative Director, E.Gluck Corp
Archivist/Rights and Clearances, Eastern TV
Managing Director, Easyresource
Director, Ede Rothaus Associates
Sr Project Manager, Edelman
Intellectual Property Administrator, Educational Testing Service
Sr. Copyright Administrator, Educational Testing Service
Copyright Administrator, Educational Testing Service
Art Director, EGR International
Creative Director, EGR International
Art Buyer/Producer, Elizabeth Arden
executive producer, Elizabeth Arden
Senior Designer, EmblemHealth
Photographer,photo retoucher, emi studio
Art Producer, Erwin Penland
Art Buyer, Erwin Penland
Producer/director, Erzulie Films
Photo Coordinator, Esquire
Assistant Photo Editor, Essence
Photo Editor, Essence
Associate Art Director, Essence Magazine
Photo Editor, Essence Magazine
Associate Art Director, Essence Magazine (Time Inc.)
Art Editor, Fairchild Books
editor, Fairchild Books
Executive Producer, FCB
VP, Group art supervisor, FCB / Neon
Senior Producer, FDH Media Enterprises LLC
Content Director, FigaroPhoto
Acquisitions Manager, Films Media Group
Director of Acquisitions, Films Media Group
Art Director, Fine Creative Media, Inc.
Creative Director, Fine Design
producer, Firelight Films
Photo Editor, Fit Pregnancy
Creative Dir., FLINT inc.
Executive Producer, FlyingMonk Films
Photo Editor, Fodor's Travel
Photo Editor, Food Network Magazine
Art Director, Forbes
Designer, Forbes
Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Policy Association
Manager, fotofolio
producer/writer, free lambstar production
Photo Editor, free lance
Executive Producer/President, FreedMedia
Visual Researcher / Producer / Writer, Freelance
Art / Creative Director, Freelance
Project Research/Permissions Coordinator, Freelance
Adjunct Professor, Freelance
Image Project Manager, Freelance
Producer, Freelance
Designer, Freelance
Freelance Photo Research/Editor, Freelance
Image Director, Freelance
Film Researcher, Freelance
Media Editor, Freelance
Creative Supervisor, Freelance
Art and Photo Reseacher, Freelance
Archival Film/Photo Researcher, Freelance
Photo Researcher, Freelance
freelance, Freelance
Photo Editor/Researcher, Freelance
Archival Producer, Freelance
Visual Content Producer, Freelance
Photo Editor/Photo Researcher (freelance), Freelance
Photo research, permissions, Freelance
Freelance Photo Researcher & Editor, Freelance
Copy writer, Freelance
Creative Director, Freelance
Art Director/Designer, Freelance
Senior Art Producer, Freelance
Writer / Editor / Producer, Freelance
Associate photo editor/researcher, Freelance
Author, Freelance
Picture Edtior, Freelance
Image Buyer and Marketer, Freelance
Archival Producer / AV Researcher, Freelance
Photo, Freelance
Photo Editor, Freelance
Freelance Art Producer, Freelance
Senior Graphic Designer/Art Director, Freelance
Researcher, Freelance
Image Researcher/Buyer, Freelance
art director/graphic designer, Freelance
Media Acquisition&Licensing, Freelance
Photo Researcher/Editor & Photographer, Freelance
Photo Researcher/Editor, Freelance
Owner, Freelance
Freelance Designer, Freelance
Photographer/Freelance Photo Researcher, Freelance
Consultant, Freelance
Photo Editor/Researcher/Producer, Freelance
International Editor, Freelance
Photo Editor/ Producer, Freelance
Archive Producer, Freelance
Research and Licensing Project Manager, Freelance
Graphic Designer, Freelance
Archivist/Associate Producer, Freelance
Picture Editor, Freelance
Picture Researcher, Freelance
Archival Producer and researcher, Freelance
Visual Researcher, Freelance
Media Consultant, Freelance
Freelance Photo Editor, Freelance
Sr Designer, Freelance
Art Director, Freelance
Designer / Art Director, Freelance Designer
Director, FreshDirect
Art Director, Full Beauty
Senior Art Director, Full Beauty Brands
Design + Communications Strategist, G Design + Communications
, Galileo Picture Services & ASPP
Art Director, Gammon Ragonesi Associates
Director, Integrated Production, Geometry
Producer/Art buyer, George Productions
Art Director, Gigante Vaz & Partners
Graphic Designer, Gigante Vaz Partners
Project Mgr./Acct. Exec., Gigante Vaz Partners
Creative Consultant/Photographer, Global Photo Solutions LLC.
IT, Globalscope
Art Director, Go! Experience Design
Photo Editor, Good Housekeeping Magazine
Creative Director, Grand Central Publishing
Art Producer, Grand Circle Travel
Membership Director, Graphic Artists Guild
Executive Director, Graphic Artists Guild
Prod/Inst, GraphicDesignNY
Associate Creative Director, H4B Catapult
Associate Art Director, Hachette Book Group
Studio Director, Hachette Book Group
Associate AD, Hachette Book Group
Sr. Designer, Hadassah
Senior Graphic Designer, Hadassah
Managing Director, Hanover Square Holdings
editorial assistant, Hapercollins
Associate art Director, Hapercollins
President, Hargrove Entertainment Inc.
Assistant Manager, Rights, HarperCollins Publishers
Art Producer, Harrison and Star
Photo & Video Producer, Harry Winston
Senior Art Director, Havas Life New York
Art Buyer, HAVAS Worldwide New York
Business Affairs Assistant, HBO
Manager, Rights & Clearances, Licensing, HBO
VP, Post Delivery, HBO Inc.
Photo Editor/Art Buyer, Helena Ashton
Editorial Photo Licensing Supervisor, Henrich Bauer North America
Associate Editorial Photo Licensing, Henrich Bauer North America
Managing Member/owner, Hieropub LLC
Real Estate Broker, Hopp Property LLC
Senior Acquisition Speacialist, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Photo Manager, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Image Acquisitions Coordinator, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Senior Photo Editor / Art Buyer, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
publisher, iAfrika
Publisher, iAfrika Publishing
Photo Editor/ Researcher/Producer, Ilene Cherna Bellovin Photo Research
Senior Picture Editor, Illustreret Videnskab
Producer/ Director, Image Research Team
Photo Editor and Reviewer/Writer, Images Inc.
Archive Producer, Independent
Art Buyer, Independent Contractor
Staff Artist, Inferential Focus
Publication designer, Informa
Senior Designer, Informa
Associate Producer, Insignia Films
Principal, Iris A. Brown Design
Permissions Assistant, John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
Permissions Specialist, John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
President, JORDEXX, Inc.
Executive Producer, Art Buying, JWT
Creative Buyer, K12
Founder, Kaptur
Art Buyer, Karen Sutorius
Picture Researcher, Kavanagh Media Research
Senior Art Director, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Senior graphic designer, KPF
Photography Director, Latina Media Ventures
Art Buyer, Laura Tamburino
Co-Producer, Laylow Films, Inc
Producer, Laylow Films, Inc
Publications Manager, Lehman College
Photo Research Manager, Lerner Publishing Group
Art Director & Staff Photographer, Lindblad Expeditions
Marketing Production Manager, Lindblad Expeditions
Expedition Specialist, Lindblad Expeditions
Marketing Coordinator, Lindblad Expeditions
Art Director, Lindblad Expeditions
Copywriter, Lindblad Expeditions
Design Director, Lindblad Expeditions
Principal, CD, Liz Murphy Design
creative director, louis communications Inc
COO, LuckyGirl MEDIA
Producer, LuckyGirl MEDIA
Director of Media Technologies, Lumina Datamatics
Director, Research and Permissions Photo/Video, Lumina Datamatics
Permissions Team Manager, Lumina Datamatics
Senior VP, Lumina Datamatics
Senior Director, Rights Management Systems, Lumina Datamatics
Associate Director, Rights & Permissions, Lumina Datamatics (formerly PreMedia Global)
Senior Photo Editor, Macmillan
Licensing Editor, Macmillan Education
Photo Editor, Macmillan Higher Education
Photo Editor, Macmillan Higher Eduction
Permissions Associate, Macmillan Learning
Director of Rights and Permissions, Macmillan Learning
Sales Manager, Madavor Media
Principal, Marching Ants USA
Director, Masterson Consulting
Photo Editor, Maxim
Producer, McCann Echo
Art Buyer, McCann Echo
Senior Art Buyer, McCann Torre Lazur
Senior Photo Editor, McGraw-Hill
Senior Art Director, McGraw-Hill
Digital Coordinator/Archivist, McGraw-Hill Companies
Senior Science Editor, McGraw-Hill Education
Art Director, McGraw-Hill Education
Senior Designer, McGraw-Hill Education
Digital Asset Librarian, McGraw-Hill Education
Technical Product Manager, McGraw-Hill Education
Digital Archivist/Asset Librarian, McGraw-Hill Education
Senior Art Director, McGraw-Hill Professional
Group Creative Director, Meredith
Creative Director, Meredith
Vice President of Creative Services, Metro Creative Graphics
Graphic Designer, Meyer & Associates
Freelance Designer, Meyer & Associates Marketing Communications
Creative Director, Meyer & Associates Marketing Communications
Supervisor - Media OPS, MLBAM
Project Manager, Mona
Creative Assistant, More
Assistant Photo Editor, More
Art Buyer, Mother New York
Junior Designer, Motivo design Studio
Graphic designer, Motivo design Studio
Art Producer / Designer, MRY
Freelance Art Buyer, MS Images
Creative Director, Muir Design Inc
Chief Creative Officer,
Art Director/Photo Editor, NAACP/The Crisis Magazine
Director of Rights Clearance & Licensing, National Geographic
Senior Photo Manager, National Geographic Channels
Photo Editor, National Geographic Society
Art Director, National Geographic-Lindblad Expeditions
Photo Production/Research/Clearances, NEAT Production
Senior Graphic Designer, New American Library
Image and Rights Acquisition, New-York Historical Society
Features Photo Editor, Newsday
Photo Editor, Newsweek
Art Producer, Nickelodeon
Editorial, Nickerson Research, Inc.
President, Nickerson Research, Inc.
President, NobleWorks Cards
President, Notochord
President, NurseCare
Content Coordinator, OGILVY
Executive Creative Director, oLo Brand Group
Junior Designer, Open Road Integrated Media
Design Assistant, Open Road Media
Art Director, Open Road Media
Photo Editor, Outdoor Life
Image Editor, Oxford University Press
Image Management Director, Oxford University Press
Media Manager, Oxford University Press
Creative Director, Pagnano & Pagnano Design/Photo Inc.
Senior Designer, Parents Magazine | Meredith
buyer, Pastore & Croke Ltd.
Assistant photo editor, Pathfinder Press
Photo editor, Pathfinder Press
Art Director, Patti With An Eye Design
Photo Editor, Pearson Prentice Hall
Designer, Penguin Books
Art Dept Assistant, Penguin Random House
Art Dept Coordinator, Penguin Random House
Graphic Designer, Penguin Random House
Senior Designer, Penguin Random House
Senior Manager, Penguin Random House
Art Director, Penguin Random House
Art Manager, Penguin Random House
Manager, Penguin Random House
Designer, Penguin Random House
graphic artist, Penguin random house
Art Director, Penguin USA
Photo Editor, People
Photo Producer & Editor, Photo Editing by Anastasia Pleasant
Design Director, Phyllis Busell Graphic Design
Creative Director, Platform Media
Editor, Plough
Graphic Designer, Plough Publishing House
webmaster, Plough Publishing House
Photo Researcher, Popawheelie Image Services (Freelance)
Senior Designer, Port Authority of NY & NJ
documentary filmmaker | transmedia producer, Prana Productions
Production Resources, Production Resources
Director, Projekt P
Creative Director, Publicis
Art Producer, Publicis New York
Photo Research Project Manager, QBS Learning
Associate Project Manager, QBS Learning
Project Manager, QBS Learning
Director, Media Asset Management, QBS Learning
Creative Director, QBS Learning
Department Manager, QBS Learning
CEO/Founder, Radiant Alchemy, Inc.
Designer, Random House Publishing Group
Owner, re:DESIGN³, Inc.
Creative Director, Redmonkey Design
Art Director, Regan Arts
Art Director, Reliable Design Studios
Associate Producer, Retro Report
Producer, Retro Report
Marketing Coordinator, Robert Marc
Photo Researcher, Robin Sand Photo Research
Director of Marketing, Robinson & Cole LLP
VP, Senior Art Producer, Rokkan
Photo Associate, Rolling Stone
Production Coordinator, Rosen Publishing
Graphic Designer, Rosen Publishing
Photo Manager, Rosen Publishing
Image Licensing Coordinator, Rosen Publishing
Graphic Designer, Rosen Publishing Group
Senior Web Editor, Rosen Publishing Group
Executive Editor, Rosen Publishing Group
Researcher, Rosen Publishing Inc.
Director, Creative Services, Rosetta
Senior Art Producer, Saatchi & Saatchi
Art Producer, Saatchi & Saatchi
Art Buyer, Saatchi Wellness/Freelance
Senior Designer, SanovaWorks
Senior Photo Editor, Scholastic
Digital Production Manager, Scholastic
Photo Editor, Scholastic
Executive Director of Photogaphy, Scholastic
Art Director, Scholastic
Data Specialist, Scholastic
Art Producer, Scholastic
Video Producer, Scholastic
Photo Research & Permissions Manager, Scholastic
Licensing Specialist, Scholastic
Photo Editor, Scholastic and Photo Solutions
Photo Business Manager, Scholastic Inc.
Photo Editor/Researcher, Scholastic Inc.
Interactive Art Director, Scholastic Inc.
Photo Research and Permission Specialist, Scholastic Inc.
Project Manager, Scholastic Inc.
Data Specialist, Scholastic Inc.
Photo Editor, Scholastic Library Publishing
Senior Manager, Strategy & Compliance, Scholastic, Inc.
Digital Rights Manager Photo Researcher, Scholastic, Inc.
Photo Editor, Scholastic, Inc.
Assistant Manager, School of American Ballet
Photo Editor, Scientific American
Rights and Permissions, Scientific American
Assitant Photo Editor, Scientific American
Art Director, Scott Russo Archive
Creative Director, Sekhmet Stories Inc
Photo Researcher, Selected Shots Photo Research, Inc.
Editor, Selling Stock
Art Producer / Art Buyer, Serino Coyne
Art Producer, Shari Goetz
Digital Designer, Sharp Communications
Senior Design Director, Sharp Communications, Inc.
Principal, Sheryl Checkman Design LLC
Archival Producer, Show of Force
Photo Editor, Shutterbug magazine
Director, SIAC
Designer, Simon & Schuster
Art Manager, Simon & Schuster
Senior Art Director, Simon & Schuster
Senior Graphic Designer, Simon & Schuster
Graphic Designer, Simon & Schuster
Art & Design Coordinator, Simon & Schuster Publishing
senior designer, Simon and Schuster
President, Simply Presented
Art Director, SNG Design
Editorial Director, SparkNotes / Barnes & Noble
Project Manager, SparkNotes / Barnes & Noble
Senior Designer, SparkNotes / Barnes & Noble
Art Director, Specialty Food Association
Art Director, Spencer Drate
Photo Director, Sports Illustrated
Senior Producer/Consultant, SportsTalk
Creative Director / Principal, SRF design
art director, St Martins Press
Senior Designer, St Martins Press at Macmillan
Junior Designer, St. Martin's Press
Designer, St. Martin's Press
Designer, St. Martins Press
Graphic Designer, Standard & Poor's Capital IQ
CEO, Stella Kramer Consulting
Owner/Creative Director, Stephanie Blackman Design
Art Director, Stephanie Blackman Design
Cover Designer, Sterling Publishing
Art Director-Hearst Books, Sterling Publishing
Art Director, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Photo Editor, Sterling Publishing Company
Photography Director, Sterling Publishing Company
Senior Art Director, Sterling Publishing Company
Photo Editor, Story Worldwide
Assistant Photo Editor, Story Worldwide
digital art producer, Strawberry Frog
Owner, Studio Industria
Designer, StudioDesignWorks
Art Buyer, Sudler & Hennessey
Creative Director, Surachara Design
Design Assistant, Susan Newman Design Inc.
Creative Director, Tar Beaty Design Services
Senior Producer, TBWA/CHIAT/DAY
Managing Art Producer, TBWA\Chiat\Day
Sr Designer, Textile
Art Director, Textile
Design Assistant, The Architect's Newspaper
Graphic Designer, The Architect's Newspaper
Owner, The Birds and The Beads
Photo Editor, The Cut
Associate Producer, The Great Courses
Sr Manager, Brand & Marketing Imagery, The Great Courses
Art Director, The Hastings Center
International Contracts Manager, The Hearst Corporation
Editor, ASMP Bulletin, The Photo Group
Creative Director, The Pink Room Design Studio
Pres, The Reallly Interesting Picture Company, Ltd.
Photo Research Manager, The Rosen Publishing Group
Assoicate Producer, The Teaching Company
Licensing Manager, The Teaching Company / The Great Courses
Designer, The Washington Post
Editor, Thirteen/WNET
Senior Graphic Designer, Thomson Reuters
Owner, Thorpe Architects
EVP Business Development, Thought Imprint
Assistant Photo Editor, Time Inc
Video Producer, TIME Inc.
Content Manager, Time Inc.
Design Director, Time Inc. Content Marketing & Strategies FORTUNE/MONEY/TIME/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED
Picture Editor, Time Inc. Home Entertainment
Photo Researcher & Photo Editor, Toby Greenberg Picture Research & Photo Editing
Designer, Tor/Forge Books
Cover Designer, Tor/Forge Books
Graphic Designer, Torrisi Design Associates
Creative Director, Torrisi Design Associates
Account Executive, Torrisi Design Associates, Inc.
Producer, Travelfilm Company
Director of Photography, Travelzoo
Senior Designer, Triumph Learning
Picture Editor, Truitt & Marshall
Senior Director, truTV
Production Manager, truTV
Copyright & Acquisitions, TVO
CEO & Founder, Uberstock
Senior Art Buyer, Unified
Director of Editorial, Unified
Senior Art Buyer, UniWorld Group Inc.
Production & Studio Mgr., UniWorld Group, Inc.
Creative Director, UWS Design
researcher, vagrum
researcher, Vendome Group / freelance
editor, Vendome Group / freelance
Producer, VH1
archival producer, VICE Media
producer, Victory Film Group
Researcher, Villa Ricca Communications
CEO, Villa Ricca Communications
Photography Manager, VisitBritain
Senior Graphic Designer, W Appliance
Graphic Design, W Appliance Company
Art Director, W Appliance Company / Got Snacks LLC.
Photo Editor, W.H. Freeman and Company/Worth Publishers - at Macmillan Learning
Permissions Manager, W.H. Freeman/Worth/Macmillan Higher Ed
Media Aquisition, Watch Tower
Media Acquisition Director, Watch Tower
Researcher, We Research Pictures, LLC
Creative Director, Weight Watchers International
Graphic Designer, Weinstock Design
Photo / Video Researcher & Editor, WH Freeman / Worth / Macmillan Education
Creative Director, Where
Senior Design Production Manager, White & Case LLP
Director of Art Production, Wieden + Kennedy
Creative Assistant, Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo
Senior Photo Editor, Wiley&Son
Photo Editor, William H. Sadlier
Asst. Designer, William Morrow | HarperCollins Publishers
Photo Director, Wine Enthusiast
Art Director, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Director Of Photography, Wine Spectator
Creative Director, Winer Idea Group
photo coordinator, Workman Publishing
Photo Researcher, Workman Publishing
, Workman Publishing
Art Director, World Book Publishing
Senior Photo Editor, WW Norton & Company
Assistant, Wyssphoto Inc
President, Wyssphoto Inc
Photo Editor, Yahoo
Photo Editor, Yahoo!
Principal Owner, Yin Ling Wong
Creative Director, Ziga Media
Director of Photography, Ziga Media, LLC