Visual Connections Chicago 2014

Look who's registered ...

Design/Production Manager, AANA
Design/Production Associate, AANA
Art Director, ABA Publishing
Group Digital Assets Manager, Abercrombie & Kent, Inc.
CEO, ACG Chicago, Inc.
Designer, American Bar Association
Art director/designer, American Bar Association
Graphic Designer, American Bar Association Publications
Acquisitions Editor, American Library Association
Production Specialist, American Medical Association
Principal, Armstrong-Johnston, LLC
Managing Editor, Associated Publications
Art Director, Associated Publications
Editor-in-Chief, Associated Publications
Asst. Mgr./Calendar designer, Augustine's
Art Producer, Avanti Press
Resource Manager, Avenue, Inc
Principal/Creative Director, Avila Creative, Inc.
Broadcast Producer, Bader Rutter
Art Producer, Bader Rutter & Associates
Creative Director, BluFish Productions
Creative Director, Bramblewoods
Freelance Picture Editor, Byte Me Graphics
Senior Art Buyer, CAHG
Communications Officer, Cantigny Park
Senior Art Director, Capital One
Photo Editor, Capstone Library
Sr. Graphic Designer, Capstone Publishing
Creative Director, Carol H Williams Advertising
Art Director, Catapult Marketing
Creative Director, Catapult Marketing
Senior Graphic Designer, ComPsych
Sr. Graphic Designer, ComPsych
Manager, Creative Services, ComPsych
Graphic Designer, ComPsych
Communications Specialist, ComPsych
Graphic Designer, ComPsych Corporation
Creative Director, Creative Aces Corp.
Photo and Contract Manager, Cricket Media
Senior Art Producer, DDB Chicago
Executive Art Producer, DDB Chicago
Creative Director, Design Design
Photographer, Digital Buddha Image Center
Media Acquisition, Encyclopaedia Britannica
Photo Department Manager, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
Manager, Media Asset Management, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
Media Archivist & Video Specialist, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
Media Editor & Designer, Encyclopedia Britannica
Design, Media Acquisition & Licensing Supervisor, Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.
VP, Art Buying Manager, Energy BBDO
Art Producer, Energy BBDO
SVP Director of Print, EnergyBBDO
Art Director, ePals Media
Managing Print Producer, Fathom Communications
Associate Art Buyer, Fcb Chicago
Senior Art Buyer, FCB Chicago
Creative Director, Feldman & Associates
Principal, Feldman & Associates, Inc.
freelance picture buyer, Feldman & Associates, Inc.
Image Coordinator, Freelance
Art Producer, Freelance
Photo Researcher, Freelance
ACD, Freelance
Art Director, Freelance
Freelance Image Researcher, Freelance
web designer, Freelance
Graphic Designer, Freelance
freelance, Freelance
Photo Researcher/Art Buyer, Freelance
Creative Director, Freelance
Photo Editor, Freelance
Senior Photo Researcher/Project Manager, Freelance
Editor / Producer, Freelance
Production Manager, Freelance
Freelance Photo Researcher, Freelance
Freelance photo editor, freelance for Buhl Fdn. Collection
Creative Director, G2 Creative
Art Director, G2 Creative
Producer, Getting To Know, Inc.
President, Getting To Know, Inc.
President, Gizmo Design
Owner, GMS Development
Creative Director, Goodheart--Willcox
Creative Collections Program Leader, Hallmark Cards
Art Buyer, Hallmark Cards
Font and Licensing Administrator, Hallmark Cards
Multi-media Administrator, Hallmark Cards
Art/Photo Buyer, Hallmark Cards, Inc.
VP Sales & Marketing, Hanna, Zappa & Polz, Inc
President, Hanna, Zappa & Polz, Inc
Senior graphic designer, Helminski Studios
Principal, Helminski Studios, Inc.
Researcher, Hired Gun Graphics
Owner, Hired Gun Graphics
Photo Researcher, Hired Gun Graphics
Lead Image Acquisition Specialist, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Senior Photo Researcher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Lead Image Acquisitions Specialist, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Image Acquisitions Assistant, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Production Director, HY Connect
Co-Owner, Image Research Team
Art Director, Imagination Publishing
President, Imaging Management & Communications
Art Director, independent
Associate Creative Director, Jacobs Agency
Graphic Designer, Jill Zylke Visual Arts
Bigshot, JSB Design
President, Klimt Inc.
Creative Buyer, Korzenowski Design
Graphic Designer, Laura Coyle Designs
Creative Assistant, Leo Burnett
, Leo Burnett
Producer, Leo Burnett
Senior Integrated Producer, Leo Burnett
Senior Producer, Leo Burnett USA
Designer, Lincoln Park Zoo
Photographer, Lindaanne Donohoe Design
senior editor, Lions Clubs International
Art Producer, Lipman Hearne
Administrative Assistant, Lipman Hearne
Owner, Lizzard Works
Principal, Mark Boyce Creative
Art Producer, Marketing Store Worldwide
Senior Art Director, Marketing Support, Inc.
owner, mc2 communications
creative director, MC2 Comunications
Communications Manager, McCormick Foundation
Communications Associate, McCormick Foundation
Design Supervisor, McGraw-Hill
Media Designer, McGraw-Hill
Director of Publishing Operations, McGraw-Hill Education
Sr. Media Designer, McGraw-Hill Education
Media Designer, McGraw-Hill Education
Image Specialist, McGraw-Hill Education
Content Licensing Manager - Image, McGraw-Hill Education (Higher Education)
Director, Content Licensing, McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Lead Content Licensing Specialist, McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Graphic Designer, McK & Co.
Picture Editor, Moss Visual Services
Design Principal, Myka Design
Graphic Designer, National Association of Realtors
Design & Production, National Association of REALTORS®
Media Research Manager, National Geographic Learning
Media Researcher, National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning
President, Neodeco, Inc.
Creative Director, Nicholas Associates
Art Director, Northwestern University Press
Senior Art Buyer, Ogilvy & Mather
Graphic Designer, Patti Productions
Project Manager, Rights Mgmt, School LS, Pearson
Senior Image Researcher, Pearson
Image Manager, Pearson
Senior Project Manager, Pearson
Project Manager, Pearson Education
Image Permissions Editor, Pearson Education Inc.
Owner / GM, Producers Video, LLC
Photo Editor, Quarasan Group
Photo Editor, Rand McNally
Design Director, Rand McNally
Photo researcher, Reason Magazine
book designer, Reed Elsevier
Web Content Strategist, Robert R McCormick Foundation
Designer, Ryan Partnership
Associate Creative Director, Ryan Partnership
Art Director, Sears Brands
Executive Creative Director, Sherie Presta Creative Services
Senior Copywriter, Sherie Presta Creative Services
Designer, Simple Truth
Graphic Designer, Simple Truth
Founder/CEO, SoComply
Design Manager, Sourcebooks
Creative Services Manager, Sourcebooks
Creative Director, ss1Communications
President, Stacy Sweat Designs
President, Stone Cliff Productions, Inc.
Art, Design, Photo Director, Symmetry
President, Symmetry
Image Procurement Manager, Symmetry Creative Production
Photography Editor, The Art Institute of Chicago
Radio/Television Instructor, The Gary Community School Corporation
Senior Production Manager, The Marketing Store
Art Director, The Second City
Production Assistant, Thomas P. Gohagan &
Designer, Thomas P. Gohagan & Co.
Vice President of Marketing, Thomas P. Gohagan & Co.
Managing Director of Creative Services, Thomas P. Gohagan & Co.
Association Desiger, Thomas P. Gohagan & Co.
Graphic Designer, Thomas P. Gohagan & Co.
Senior Graphic Designer, Thomson Reuters
Media Manager, Three Communication Design
production assistant/photo buyer, tom senatori designs
Designer, Tom Senatori Designs
Product Marketing Specialist, Tri Lite Inc
Marketing Manager, Tribune Content Agency
Design Manager/Art Buyer, Tyndale House Publishers
Digital Asset Manager, United Airlines
Director, Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
Vice President, Vander Stoep-Karraker Ltd
President, Vander Stoep-Karraker Ltd
Producer, VSA Partners
Art Producer, VSA Partners (freelance)
Print Production Director, VSA Partners Inc.
Owner, Walton Image Supply
Researcher, We Research Pictures, LLC
sales, Workbook
Art Director, World Book Publishing
Photo Editor, World Book Publishing
Art Director, Wunderman
VP Creative Director, Wunderman3
art buyer,
Senior Art Producer, Young & Rubicam
Sr. Visual Content Editor, Zondervan