Visual Connections Boston 2015

Where Boston, United States
Date Thursday, March 26
Venue Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School
Address 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA 02115 (map)

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Keynote Q&A session  10am-noon Free

360° view of copyright, trends and technology in visual licensing today

In this fact-packed two-hour session, our panel of experts will discuss what’s new in image and footage licensing. They will examine anything and everything that affects image and footage buyers today: copyright legislation, fair use, clearances/permissions, licensing models, research tools and techniques, and the growing use of video. On the panel will be an attorney with expertise in the area of copyright and experienced industry players, ready to answer your questions and share their insights.

To register for the morning session, first register for the image expo. On the final page of the registration process check the box by your name and submit. On that page you will also find a button to register a colleague, and a box to enter your own question for the panel.

We strongly encourage you to help shape our dialog by asking your own questions and sharing experiences. If you have a burning question, please submit it to the panel in advance, either when you register or using the link in your registration confirmation email. For inspiration here are some questions we’ve received in the past:

  • Do images of fine art require additional permissions?
  • Is news reporting ‘fair use’?
  • How do I get permission to use a photograph of a celebrity on my brochure cover?
  • Any tips for getting better targeted search results?
  • Do any agencies or photographers still do research?
  • How should I license an image for print-on-demand when I don’t know what the final print-run will be?
  • Is it OK to use a licensed image or clip multiple times in a single project?
  • How is footage priced differently to images?

Questions asked to date

  • Fox News is petitioning the 2nd Circuit to overturn a failed fair use defense after placing a famous image from September 11th on Facebook without permission. If the Circuit Court grants review, should it require physical alteration of an image for finding transformation and fair use or should context alone be sufficient? Additionally, how, if at all, should the context of sharing an image on social media platforms factor into a fair use analysis?
  • How do you contend with upper management that use Google Image search as their main resource for looking for images?

Afternoon Q&A session  2-3pm Free

Licensing stills and footage for digital use: what you need to know

The afternoon session will focus on the least well understood area of licensing today: digital use of images and footage – in e-books, websites, apps, videos, games, social media posts, and mixed-media campaigns. Our experts will explain the different licensing models agencies offer to cover digital use, to help you get the right licenses at the right price – every time. The panel will also discuss the challenge of licensing images and footage found on Google Image Search, Pinterest, YouTube, and other unconventional sources of stock.

There is no need to register for this session: just register for the image expo and arrive in good time to get a seat!

Our panelists for the morning session

Glenn G. PudelkaGlenn G. Pudelka is Senior Counsel in the Intellectual Property Department of Locke Lord LLP. His practice focuses on intellectual property issues, with particular expertise in the area of copyright. Glenn handles licensing and collaboration agreements of content and technology, and assists with copyright litigations and rights of privacy and publicity matters. He represents individuals and companies in publishing/media and information technology, as well as colleges and universities. Prior to joining the firm, Glenn worked for eight years as a book editor for several publishing houses in New York City.

Rachel YoudelmanRachel Youdelman is Rights & Permissions Manager at Pearson Education, with expertise in copyright and strategic rights for licensing images for editorial publication. Her specialties include art history, photojournalism, and the promotion of visual literacy.

Tanya MathisTanya Mathis is Director of Creative Asset Management at Fidelity Communications and Advertising. Tanya has been managing Fidelity’s in-house advertising agency’s art buying department for nineteen years, more recently taking on music and audio/visual talent licensing for internally-produced video and events projects. Before joining Fidelity she worked for Young + Rubicam, Mullen and Arnold.

Ken JohnstonKen Johnston is Director of Photography, Historical/Fine Art at Corbis. He is also co-author of a book about 20th century photojournalism, Picture Machine: The Rise of American Newspictures.

Laura StanleyLaura Stanley is Creative Services Manager at 500px, the lead visionary and curator for 500px Prime, a premium royalty-free photo collection. She has over 11 years of experience in visual arts as a professional photographer, photo editor and art buyer. She has worked for publications celebrating world-class photography, such as National Geographic Adventure, OWL Kids, HELLO! Canada, Cottage Life and Canadian Geographic.

Doug DawirsDoug Dawirs is best known for his work in digital asset management, including developing the award-winning application Extensis Portfolio. He is currently developing an interactive online portfolio review service for Eyeist. He is also technical advisor to PACA and creator of PacaSearch, a multi-agency stock image index. Doug is the recipient of two MacWorld Magazine World-Class Awards and an Editors’ Choice Award, as well as a MacUser Editors’ Choice Award (Eddy).


Darrell B PerryDarrell Perry creates photography for all media, as an editor, producer and researcher. He has led teams at the Wall Street Journal, CBS, ImageDirect and Mulryan/Nash Advertising. Darrell shared in the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism for Breaking News Reporting for the coverage of the tragic events on and after September 11th, 2001.

Our panelists for the afternoon session

Christina MicekChristina Micek is Lead Photo Editor at Grand Circle Corporation and Owner of Christina Micek Photography, providing photo and video research, editing, and preparation services to the industry’s largest publishing houses. Christina has extensive experience in digital media licensing and multi-channel production.

Shannon MahoneyShannon Mahoney is General Manager of StockFood’s U.S. office, overseeing all domestic operations of StockFood, living4media and, most recently, PhotoCuisine. Having been with StockFood since 1997, she has experienced the challenges and successes of an evolving and independent stock photography business from its early days. Shannon’s work includes developing new business opportunities and enforcement of copyright compliance.

Brian NovyBrian Novy is Director of Sales for the stock footage company Dissolve, building client relationships in the media, agency, and corporate segments. He has worked in media licensing for over a decade.


Jose AzelJose Azel is President of Aurora Photos, an independent and international photography company representing photographer’s archives, and of Novus Select, which produces visual stories for today’s digital era and commissions visual assignments.

Q&A Session
The Q&A was great – a super panel with a lively and valuable discussion. The afternoon exceeded my expectations, with the chance to meet many of the suppliers I have worked with before, along with the chance to learn about other suppliers that I'd not previously heard of. The food was lovely too!
—Emma Kehayas, Freelance at Toronto 2013

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