Visual Connections New York 2017

Information for exhibitors

Before the conference

How do I sign up for the show directory?

A listing in the printed directory is included free with your exhibitor booking. Simply complete the booking information and upload a horizontal image and your logo. The image, fully credited, may also be used in pre-event advertising. See below if you would like an additional listing.

Deadline for uploading image and text: September 15 (or sooner to be featured in pre-event advertising)

Enter details 

How do I sign up for the online gallery or exhibitor list?

As soon as you make your booking your company is included in the exhibitor list, online gallery, and in the public online directory for one year (new listings go live on receipt of booking payment or deposit). You can update your listing details online at any time.

Update listing & gallery images

Deadline: ASAP (as your listing goes live when you book).

Can I represent more than one agency/brand?

If you wish to represent more than one agency/brand, you must pre-book the option to promote an additional brand. The cost is $250 and includes an additional listing in the show directory and online gallery, and a year’s gallery listing in our online directory (valued at $99).

Promoting your presence at the expo

Encourage buyers visiting your web site to come and meet you at Visual Connections New York. (Remember, most visitors to your site are not yet your customers.)

Postcards invitations

The deadline has passed for ordering postcard invitations.

Web link

See us at Visual Connections New York 2017 on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Use the link or copy and paste the following code into your HTML editor to include the ‘See us’ graphic on the right:

Postcard graphic

Meet us at Visual Connections New York 2017
HTML code for above graphic:

Social media references

Use your Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts to reach out to your followers, many (possibly most) of whom are not yet clients.

Hashtag: #VisualConnections

Our social media names

Platform Name
Instagram @visualconnections
Twitter @visualconnects
Facebook @visualconnections

E-mail insert

Use either the text table or the invitation graphic in your email newsletter to your customers:

Date:  Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Times:  Keynote Q&A Session: 10am–noon
Exhibit floor open: noon-7pm
Footage Q&A Session: 2:30–3:30pm
Creative Q&A Session: 4–5pm
Trivia Night: 5:30–6:15pm
Where:  The New Yorker hotel, 1st Floor, 481 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10001 (map)
Table:  Find us at table #your-table
Further info:
HTML code for above table:

Advertise in GD USA

Announce your presence in New York by including your company in a double-page spread in GD USA magazine for just $320.

Footage for event home page

We will be creating a looping showreel for the event web page to give buyers a flavor of the imagery offered by exhibitors. (Note that this is not the same as the marketing showreel.) Participation is optional, but it’s free exposure.

Upload video clip 

Deadline for uploading video: September 15

Preparing to exhibit


All exhibitors and attendees must collect and wear a badge provided by Visual Connections at the Registration Desk. A badge entitles the holder to food and beverages throughout the day. Please enter the names of whoever will be coming from your organization. Additional staff over your allowance must be booked in advance. The cost is $60 per extra person, or $30 for a substitute (who will take over from someone else during the day) or visitor (someone you invite who is not an image/footage buyer – not to be used for staff from another agency).

Deadline for entering badge details: October 21

Enter badge names  Book extra places

What’s included with my exhibit space?

Table dimensions and the number of chairs included are listed here. Tables are covered with a black drape, to which is attached a sign with your brand name and space/table number (which must not be covered).

What can I display?

You may only place free-standing displays behind your table. Nothing may be hung or supported from the windows, walls or ceilings. No part of your display may project outside of your allocated space. Please do not use projection or sound equipment that will interfere with other exhibitors. The organizers reserve the right to require you to remove or make adjustments to any element of your display. If you have any doubts about what is permissible, please ask ahead of time.

Please allow plenty of time to set up your stand.

Is electricity available?

An electricity outlet can be provided to your table at no extra cost, but you must request this in advance by selecting the option in your online booking details. If you require more than one outlet, please bring your own power strip.

Deadline for ordering electricity outlet: October 14

Order electricity

Is Internet access available?

Guest Wi-Fi Internet access is included for all exhibitors, suitable for checking emails and badge scanning (see below). We recommend upgrading to Premium WiFi if you want to run online demos or stream video as this gives you dedicated bandwidth (not shared with other exhibitors and visitors).

We recommend that you run rolling presentations from local media rather than over the Internet.

Can we rent a flat screen?

Visual Connections has negotiated extremely competitive prices for monitors (e.g. $290 for a 32" display, including delivery & collection, setup and technical support). Please place your order directly with using this order form.

Download order form

Deadline for ordering displays: October 20

Can we bring our own monitor?

You may bring your own monitor to the venue or ship one via the warehouse. Please only use our AV rentals partner (above) and do not arrange for anything to be delivered directly to the venue.

Is liability insurance required?

We strongly recommend that you arrange General Liability Insurance cover to protect your company and staff from all liabilities and eventualities. Visual Connections LLC, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, and all third party suppliers disclaim all responsibility for any loss, damage or injury incurred by you, your employees or assigns as the result of your company’s participation at Visual Connections New York.

Where can I stay?

The most convenient neighborhoods are Hell’s Kitchen, Garment District and Chelsea (all Midtown Manhattan). Rates are typically $350-400/night inc taxes. Some options to consider include:

*Double room rate. Taxes add about 16% to advertised room rates.

You can check reviews on TripAdvisor. You may be eligible for discounts at major hotel chains if you are a member of AAA or AARP. Ask for a discounted rate and see what you can negotiate. If you don’t have a favorite booking agent, try Expedia or Orbitz.


Shipping via the warehouse

Download shipping form

  • Shipping costs are $40 per box.
  • Complete and return the shipping form by Friday October 20th.
  • If we do not receive the shipping form by the due date, you will be charged $80/box.
  • Label all boxes with the following (this is essential):
    Visual Connections October 25 / [your company name] / Space # [your space number]
    (If sending materials for the registration bag, put Reg Desk in place of Space #.)
  • Address your shipment to:
    GIO Express, Inc.
    2180 5th Avenue
    Unit 1B
    Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
    Attn: Kim Lant
    Tel: 848-863-6100
  • Shipments may only be received at the warehouse from Monday October 2nd through Friday, October 20th. Early shipments will be returned. Late shipments will incur a $150 penalty. Please make allowance for your shipment being delayed.

Return shipments

  • Boxes collected from the venue for return shipping are charged at $40 per box.
  • Please bring shipping enough shipping labels and forms for return shipments.
  • Return labels must have the following information:
    Origin of pickup:
    GIO Express, Inc.
    2180 5th Avenue
    Unit 1B
    Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
    Tel: 848-863-6100
  • All return shipments must be secured, labeled and have a valid shipping account number assigned to them (e.g. by UPS, FedEx or DHL).
  • You must schedule your courier to pick up from the warehouse no later than noon on Monday October 30th.

GIO Express, Visual Connections and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts disclaim all liability or responsibility for shipments not properly shipped or labeled.

Can I ship to the venue?

Please do not ship directly to the venue. Under no circumstances will Visual Connections or New Yorker hotel staff accept or sign for a delivery on your behalf.

Loading and unloading

If you bring in boxes yourself, be aware that there is very limited parking on the street. The exhibit space is on the second floor. The venue will not provide carts or hand trucks.

On the day

Timetable for Wednesday, October 25th

Set-up 8:00am to 11:30am
Keynote session finishes any time after 11:30am
Doors open to attendees noon
Last entry 6:45pm
Tear-down 7pm to 8pm
Warehouse pickup from venue 8pm
Venue closed 8:15pm

When can I set up?

The exhibit space and warehouse drop-off will take place during the evening of Tuesday, October 24th, so that everything is ready for your arrival on Wednesday morning. Set-up must be completed by 11.30am, so please allow plenty of time.

How can I capture people’s contact details?

Scan the QR code on attendees’ badges using a smartphone or tablet to capture their contact details. You can download these at any time. We will also share with you a list of people who registered for the event and gave permission for their details to be shared (most people opt out of this list, but it does include people who registered but didn’t attend).

Printable instructions Download captured contacts

When is it busiest?

Attendance is highest in the first couple of hours (noon to 2pm) and early evening (5-6pm).

What refreshments are available?

Lunch is served from 12:30 until at least 2:30, and snacks thereafter. Tea, coffee and water is available all day. If you would like to serve any food or beverages to your guests, this must be arranged with us in advance (please contact us for options).

Is on-site storage available?

Anything you cannot fit under or behind your table can be stored on the balcony above the exhibit floor, acessed via via stairs from the entrance foyer.

Is there anywhere to meet privately?

You are free to use the balcony area above the exhibit floor, acessed via via stairs from the entrance foyer. Please don’t use tables in the food area for meetings during lunch.

Can I sell products or services?

You assume entire responsibility for collecting and paying applicable state and local sales taxes for any sales you make.

When can I tear down?

You must not begin tearing down your stand until the official close of the event (7pm) unless agreed beforehand with a representative of Visual Connections. Some buyers travel considerable distances to see you, so please don’t disappoint them!

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Since we're based in London it’s a rare opportunity for us to finally meet people we have been working with on a regular basis. In a day and age where most contact is via email or over the phone it’s so refreshing to have a face to face chat!
— Angelika Pirkl, akg-images