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Advertise your library or services (such as production or assignment work, consultancy, etc.) to picture buyers, researchers and others in the industry. Get listed in the free-to-search Visual Connections Image Sources directory, the most comprehensive directory in the industry.

We offer a free one-year listing in our directory for anyone who registers their details for the first time. If you have never taken out a listing subscription, contact us to request a free trial. This is a no obligation offer, and no payment details are required.

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Basic listing

A basic listing allows anyone to find your company by name, image content, licensing/pricing model, or service. The results of searches by image content are ordered by specialization, with niche libraries showing before generalist libraries.

Note that each brand or trading name is listed separately and requires a separate subscription.

Gallery upgrade

Give your listing greater impact with a thumbnail in search results, and three large thumbnail images above your details. It’s a simple procedure to upload your images, and you can change them whenever you like from within your account.

Priority upgrade

Have your listing highlighted and shown before non-Priority listings in search results.


We have reduced and simplified our prices! A basic listing now costs just $2/month! The most popular combination, Basic + Gallery, now costs just $99/year. Purchase a second year in advance and receive a third off the second year’s subscription.

Period Basic Basic + Gallery Basic + Priority Basic + Gallery + Priority
1 year $24 $99 $123 $198
2 years $40 $165 $205 $330

Monitor your listing’s performance

bar chart showing listing performance

While your listing subscription is active, you have access to a real-time bar chart showing you exactly how many times your entry in the directory is looked at, and how many times people have clicked through to your web site.

Vital statistics

  • Each month 6,000 image/footage/art buyers consult our directory after searching online for suppliers.
  • Over 20,000 US buyers learn about the directory in regular direct emails.
  • Many more US buyers learn about the directory in adverts placed in GD USA and ASPP Picture Professional magazines, and elsewhere.
  • In 2014, the directory was viewed 118,440 times, and visitors clicked through to agencies’ web sites 35,919 times.

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