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Image types photography
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sports / activities: team sports, solo sports, adventure
business / industry: agriculture, construction
transport: road / vehicles, air / space, sea / waterways
buildings / structures: architectural styles, ancient
places / maps: cities, landscapes / gardens, tourist destinations, historical scenes, other
natural world: animals, countryside / seaside, weather, environment
abstract / other: backgrounds / patterns
Licence types royalty free, rights managed, assignment/production
image sourcing services: in-house image research
consultancy: other
trade associations: picture libraries association, photographers association, picture researchers association

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Publication type printed catalog, published 2004
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PI is the Big Picture specialist. Cityscapes, skylines, landscapes, seascapes, travel destinations, backgrounds, and aerials. 250,000+ ultra hi res digital as well as large and wide format film originals, exclusively representing the work of over 150 worldwide panoramic and large format specialty photographers for over 30 yrs.

RM & RF ecommerce website. Standard hi res scans, 60-120 MB 8bit RGB, available for immediate ftp download. Same day custom in-house ultra hi res scans up to 500 MB from large format original film. Larger scans up to 2 Gigs within 24 hrs. We supply gigapixel files ( 100 dpi @ 100 inches high) to our Custom Digital Wallcovering customers so they can print huge, sharp murals for their corporate, health care and hospitality clients. Skypan stock: 360° low altitude aerial panoramics via radio controlled helicopter.

Expert consultation on panoramic photography- if we don't have it, we will either find it for you through our network of 300 sources or have it shot for you by the very best specialized photographer.
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