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PxBee is a stock photo marketplace connecting the creative community of Fotor designers with professional and amateur photographers worldwide. We provide breathtaking photographs, licensed for use in multiple projects such as web design, printed materials and commercial displays. We have a huge collection of high-quality photos to choose from. Options available for different budgets allow even small businesses to find the perfect stock photo at affordable and attractive prices.

You can even prepare your photos for sale on PxBee by working together with Fotor, our powerful online image editing tool. Edit your photos with Fotor, save your changes, and upload your photos to PxBee ready for sale. What better way to maintain your passion for moving the world with imagery?

PxBee helps buyers save costs and photographers make money while sharing their inspirations. The process is simple and PxBee will ensure your approval is facilitated as quickly as possible so that you can immediately start earning royalties off of every sale.
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Office Everimaging Co., Ltd.
Address Chengdu Everimaging Ltd.
No5, Gaopeng Street, High-tech Zone

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