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Image types footage, animations
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people: babies / children, adults / families, other
living: lifestyles, domestic, holidays, romance, fashion / glamour, health, food / drink
society / culture: rites / rituals, race / culture, education
art / crafts / hobbies: paintings / sculptures, artifacts, crafts, hobbies, entertainment / performing arts
sports / activities: team sports, solo sports, adventure, fitness, games, other
business / industry: agriculture, construction, manufacturing, office / finance, other
transport: road / vehicles, rail, air / space, sea / waterways, other
buildings / structures: architectural styles, religious, ancient, interiors, other
places / maps: cities, landscapes / gardens, tourist destinations, historical scenes, aerial / maps, other
natural world: animals, plants, countryside / seaside, weather, environment, other
Licence types royalty free, rights managed, assignment/production
image sourcing services: multi-agency footage research, production services
consultancy: business development, project management
directories / search engines: online directory
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Via strategic partnerships, intelligent acquisitions, and original productions, Apex Stock offers an unrivaled collection of high production-value footage captured in stunning 35mm, 70mm and High Definition. Apex Stock has placed an emphasis on producing footage employing the strictest technical and creative standards. Through its sophisticated digital asset management technology, Apex Stock streamlines production, ingestion, management and distribution of its footage assets and is able to compete on a global scale with greater ease and efficiency.
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Office Apex Stock
Address 13240 Weidner Street
Los Angeles
United States

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Contact name JP / JP Welgus
Tel 323 443 2580
Tel (toll free) 888 250 2739
Fax 323 442 2579
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Tel 323 443 2580
Web enquiry Contact
Languages spoken English
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