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Image types photography, digital/composites
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people: babies / children, adults / families
living: lifestyles, domestic, holidays, romance, health, food / drink
society / culture: rites / rituals, race / culture
art / crafts / hobbies: paintings / sculptures, artifacts, illustrations / posters
sports / activities: solo sports, adventure, fitness
business / industry: agriculture, construction, office / finance
buildings / structures: religious, ancient
places / maps: cities, landscapes / gardens, tourist destinations, historical scenes, aerial / maps
natural world: animals, plants, countryside / seaside, weather, environment
abstract / other: backgrounds / patterns
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Publication type printed catalog, published 2003
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PACIFIC STOCK is the only agency worldwide specializing exclusively in photography entirely from HAWAII and the Asia/Pacific Region.

Our photographers regularly travel throughout HAWAII and the Pacific Rim. Areas covered include HAWAII, PACIFIC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, JAPAN, HONG KONG, CHINA, FAR EAST, MEXICO and WESTERN U.S./CANADA. Subjects include: Travel, Scenics, People, Sports, Marine Science, Underwater, Business, Industry, Culture, Food as well as a large Hawaiian Archives File. We also have a very large marine file including whales, dolphins, sharks, marine life and marine sports.

Pacific Stock is represented worldwide. Free catalogs available to photo buyers. Royalty-Free and Rights-Managed images on line available for purchase and downloading as 50-70mb/300dpi files.
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Office Design Pics Inc
Address #101, 10464 -176 St.
T5S 1L3

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Contact name Laurie McCampbell
Tel 907-268-2092
Tel (toll free) 877-337-5433
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Office First Light, a Division of Design Pics
Address #101, 10464-176 Street

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Contact name Christina Beamish
Tel 416 597 8625
Fax 866 811 3903
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Languages spoken English
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