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Image types photography, illustration, footage, animations
Licence types rights managed, subscription, assignment/production
image sourcing services: multi-agency picture research, multi-agency footage research, rights clearance, production services
directories / search engines: online directory
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Want free access to an extensive video archive to find the right footage for your next project? AFP offers raw images and stockshots suitable for TV/web documentaries, news reports, Hollywood blockbusters... 630,000+ videos on world news, politics, conflicts, environment, sports, lifestyle, human interest, and much more.

AFP also hosts a vast collection of partner photos from over 50 agencies covering everything from US sports to entertainment, travel, and Indian and Mexican news, stockshots...

Our on-demand assignment/production branch, AFP-Services, is available to shoot your project anywhere and anytime, in any language.

Please contact Sue +1 202 414 0555
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Office AFP
Address 1500 K STREET, NW, SUITE 600
United States

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Contact name Ms. Sue Lisk
Tel 202 414 0555
Mobile/cell +1 202 285 2328
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Languages spoken English, French, Spanish