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Image types photography, digital/composites
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people: famous people
living: fashion / glamour
sports / activities: team sports, solo sports, adventure
buildings / structures: architectural styles
places / maps: cities, landscapes / gardens
natural world: countryside / seaside, environment
Licence types royalty free, rights managed, microstock, subscription
software: other
services: other
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ImageSpan’s LicenseStream provides access to and automated licensing of premier collections and libraries of images. A Web-based service, LicenseStream automates the costly processes of licensing and royalty settlement, streamlining the process of negotiating and licensing of images. LicenseStream also enables content owners to publish their content directly to the Web and global search engines, enabling anyone in the world to find their search-optimized content and pay for it with a mouse click. This essentially makes the content itself the storefront and makes it easy for you to find and license the image you need, when you need it. ImageSpan allows image licensors and licensees to benefit from the PLUS licensing standards through its LicenseStream service, allowing image suppliers to provide their customers with embedded PLUS license information. Clients include: Spin magazine (McEvoy Group), Chicago Tribune, Missouri History Museum, Visions of America, Sabet Brands.
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Office LicenseStream, Inc.
Address 180 Varick Street
Suite 1126
New York
United States

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Contact name Ms. Candice Murray
Tel 646 368 6918
Tel (toll free) 866 240 8241
Mobile/cell 516.375.6069
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Languages spoken English
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