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people: babies / children, adults / families, famous people, other
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PCN Photography is a production and distribution company of royalty free and rights managed images of authentic sports, outdoor lifestyle, action sports, nature images as well as international coverage of sporting events and personalities. PCN is led by Paul Sutton, whose 30 years of industry experience includes photographing worldwide sporting events and coverage of 17 Olympic Summer and Winter Games. Paul has also supervised the creation and art direction of model released productions of authentic sports activities with his team of photographers through out the US and Europe. PCN constantly adds to the collection through the creation of new model released productions and coverage of sporting events worldwide.

PCN Photography features the resources of the DUOMO archive.

DUOMO Photography’s Archive contains over 1,000,000 images created over two and a half decades including from our production division’s model released and conceptual imagery, and from our news division’s photographs of worldwide stars and personalities from a wide range of sports and events including the Olympic Winter and Summer Games, World Cup Soccer, Super Bowl, Grand Slam Tennis, Major League Baseball and Extreme Sports.

DUOMO photographers have regularly covered World Events in track and field, swimming, gymnastics, skiing and figure skating, as well as all the US professional sports. We are particularly proud of our Olympic imagery, which date back to 1976 in Montreal.

Our bold, dynamic images have been featured in advertising and promotional campaigns worldwide, as well on magazine covers and in brochures, posters annual reports and book. Over the years, few have captured the intensity of action, depth of emotion and conceptual graphic imagery of sport as poignantly as the photographers of DUOMO and PCN Photography.
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Office PCN Photography
Address 603 Wittenberg Road
Mount Tremper
United States

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Contact name Paul Sutton
Tel 845 679 6218
Fax 646 619 4294
Mobile/cell 917 620 2604
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Languages spoken English
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