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Publication type printed catalog, published 2007
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Three Photo Books filled with amazing inspiration formidably designed by Joel Berg, widely acclaimed Creative Director for the Benetton brand, who first achieved fame for his work with Harpers Bazaar.

If you have not received the Photo Books from us just send an e-mail to Account Manager Anna Herbst - - and she will arrange for the books to be sent to you.
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Johnér images – modern, believable, urban, beautiful and commercial photography, created by 200 photographers.
The unique and very strong Johnér collections shows the Scandinavian light and the beauty of life.
If you think you have seen it all, you will find Johnér is something different.
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Office Johnér Images
Address Box 4144

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Contact name Anders Lusth
Tel +46 8 546 996 07
Fax +46 8 644 83 31
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Office Johnér Images
Address 12 Desbrosses Street
New York
United States

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Contact name Anna Herbst
Tel 917 501 2801
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Languages spoken English
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