Terms and conditions

This is an agreement between Visual Connections LLC ('Visual Connections') and you. By making this booking you agree to the following terms and conditions.


‘Event’ refers to the event for which you are booking, if applicable.

‘Event Owner’ is Visual Connections.

Payment terms

Payment must be received by Visual Connections in accordance with the terms set out on your invoice, which are approximately as follows:

  • Orders that do not include an exhibit space booking are payable immediately.
  • If booking an exhibit space less than three months before the event: 100% is payable immediately.
  • If booking an exhibit space more than three months before the event: 25% is payable immediately, and the balance three months before the event.

If a payment is not received by the due date, Visual Connections may treat your booking as canceled by you. If your booking is canceled and you choose to re-book, you will be eligible only for discounts available at that time (if any), not at the time of your original booking.

You agree to honor the conditions of any discounts you have claimed. Failure to do so entitles Visual Connections to require immediate payment to the value of the discount.

Deposits and other payments you make to Visual Connections are recorded as payments on account, and therefore automatically count towards the invoiced total. Visual Connections will only charge your credit card for the balance owing. To check your account balance, please refer to a recent statement of account or contact us.

If booking an exhibit space, you agree to let Visual Connections keep your credit card details on file to cover incidental expenses you may incur in connection with your booking (such as shipping and storage fees), which will be detailed and confirmed to you before payment is taken.


If you cancel your booking for an Event, your entitlement to a refund is as follows:

  • More than three months before the Event: 100% refund
  • Two to three months before the Event: 75% refund
  • One to two months before the Event: 50% refund
  • Within one month of the event: at the discretion of the Event Owner

If the Event is canceled or postponed, the Event Owner will offer you the option of receiving a 100% refund or re-booking.

Payment for a subscription is not refundable once a subscription has been activated.

Payment for advertising is not refundable once print production for the advert has started.

Limitation of liability

If an Event is canceled, The Event Owner’s entire liability shall be the reimbursement of your booking fees. Neither the Event Owner nor Visual Connections shall, under any circumstances, be liable to you for indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive, or special damages, including but not limited to lost profits, even if it has been apprised of the likelihood of such damages occurring.

Space allocation at Events

Exhibit spaces will be allocated in the order in which bookings are recorded online, subject to prompt payment. Special instructions will be followed where possible; otherwise the Event Owner will allocate you the best available table. Shared tables will be allocated by the Event Owner.

If payment is overdue for an exhibit space, the Event Owner may reallocate your reserved space(s) to someone else.

Use of images

Any image that you supply to Visual Connections in connection with the Image Sources directory will be published on the visualconnections.com website until you delete or replace it.

Any images that you supply to Visual Connections in connection with an Event may be used by the Event Owner for any online or printed publicity connected to the Event or general marketing to image/footage buyers and suppliers. This permission shall be for a period of up to twenty four months, or until you send written instructions to withdraw permission, after which the Event Owner will take all reasonable steps to remove the images from its website, the visualconnections.com website, and any unpublished advertising or other marketing materials.

Serving food

Any food you serve to guests inside the venue must be sourced from the caterer contracted for the event.

Attendance at Events

You may send only as many staff to an Event as you have purchased badges for. You may not invite staff from other media licensing agencies or photographers to attend or meet with you inside the venue of an Event. Only pre-registered staff and professional image/footage buyers and researchers will be admitted.

Your staff may not promote or sell products or services to other exhibitors while an Event is open to the public, except with prior written agreement of the Event Owner.

Your staff must set up and tear down their exhibit space during the advertised times, and not during the official opening hours of the Event except by prior agreement of the Event Owner.

Updated May 2015