Smartphone Apps for the Photo Community

Part 1 of a 2 part  post by guest contributor Joseph Gamble

Let’s face it — we are often glued to our smart phones. Sometimes, this is for good reason as we are utilizing a mobile application that makes life more efficient. There are now more than one million apps in iTunes and Google Play’s online stores and the list is ever expanding. Below are a few ideal smart phone applications for use by visual creatives on-the-go.
Unknown-3Sun Seeker. Planning and executing any outdoor photography shoot often requires a command of the available light. Suntracker provides a 3D view of the rise and set of the sun and allows you to forecast how it will track over coming days. This can prove critical when planning a multi-day production in unpredictable weather scenarios.  $5.99 Android, $6.99 iOS.

TPE – The Photo Ephemeris. If you want a more exact and precise sun and moon tracker that indicates how light will fall on day or land, check out the Photo Ephemeris. $4.99 Android, $5.99 iOS.

Splash ID. Our digital lives are lives dependent on passwords and keeping track of them all can be painful, especially when many online services lock you out with more than three attempts. Splash ID provides a customizable, password-protected database that works with the cloud. Pricing varies depending on configuration. Kuler. Creating color schemes and combinations for web or print layout is made easy with Adobe Kuler. Focusing the mobile camera on an object and the app will pull up a color scheme that matches. The app lets you see the RGB breakdown of colors and integrates with the Creative Cloud so you can have easy access when working back at your desk. There is also a web-based version that can be accessed here. Free, iOS.

hotel_tonight_app_logoHotel Tonight. If you need accommodations in a pinch or want to scan the last minute deals on hotels for a location-based photo shoot, use Hotel Tonight. One hundred destinations in over 12 countries are listed with last minute discounts to be had on standard room rates. Free, Android, iOS.

Seamless. Food is sometimes an afterthought when working under deadline on a project. Seamless is the ultimate take-out ordering app with access to over 12k restaurants in more than 40 cities. Upload your credit card and use it for easy ordering or just pay upon delivery with cash. Free, Android, iOS, Blackberry.

3541963Flight Status. Gate changes, flight delays and cancellations are all common with air travel. Flight status by Touchmeme provides up-to-the-minute real time information for all major flights and is searchable by carrier, route and airport. The app includes zoom-able airport layout maps and allows you to bypass the Arrivals and Departures marquee when making connections. $4.99 Android, $6.99 iOS.

Snapseed. There are hundreds of photo editing applications out there but Nik software’s award-winning Snapseed, now owned by Google, is among the best. The real key to image editing with Snapseed is its ability to allow for selective local control rather than just global image adjustments. Prior to blasting your mobile photography out via social media channels, a quick color retouch or sharpening enhancement can radically improve the finished product. Free, Android, iOS.

Unknown-4Government Per Diem. Configuring an expense report or trying to guesstimate how you can claim lodging and meal expenses for a shoot? The US General Services Administration has created an app that can use your current location or any US location and provide the per diem breakdown. Free, Android, iOS, Blackberry.
Ambiance. Stuck on a pre-dawn flight with a crying baby? Sharing a room with a co-worker with sleep apnea? Insert headphones, launch Ambiance and download a relaxing sound from among 3,500 options to relax you into sleep. You can build your own library of “environment enhancing” sounds prior to your next trip or just when you need to tune out distractions and knock out some work. $2.99 Android, iOS.

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