On the Move with the DMLA

Programming has just been announced for the DMLA (Digital Media Licensing Association) Annual Conference. To be held on October 22-24 at the iconic New Yorker Hotel, the conference will be followed by Visual Connections in the same location. Time to book a room and make your reservations.

The programming committee has been working for months to craft a program that will shine a light on all that is progressive in our industry; technology, new product offerings and emerging leaders. Ideas and room for discussion to inform and stimulate all those who work in media licensing.

Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman is keynote speaker. Under Teichman’s leadership, Pond5 has invested heavily in next-generation search and discovery technology, including AI-driven tools to protect the intellectual property rights of its artists. Offering buyers the broadest license rights in the industry without the constraints of the traditional “rights-managed” approach, he has also worked toward opening new global distribution channels.

A few highlights from the sessions:

Chris Franco from Woodridge Growth will be guest speaker on day two. Chris helped run user acquisition at Jet.com and Fanduel, and helps get apps in the top 10 on the App Store. In our “Growth Hacking” session he will share best practices for discovering new customers, keeping existing ones happy, and generally pointing growth to the top right corner.

Breaking the Frame: The Format Revolution: Panel discussion: While 2D images still dominate the marketplace, they are being challenged by new formats (3D, VR, 360, panoramic, cinemagraph, GIFs). Expert panelists will discuss which ones, if any, will take over, how and why?

The Future of Food: Panel discussion: Trends start in the kitchen and bar before being ultimately re-crafted and recast by each player in this chain. Come discover where we are, and where we are going with food in the future.

Post-Usage Licensing / Found Money: Panel discussion: Copyright infringement costs you and your contributors money. Education alone doesn’t work and copyright law isn’t a law if it’s not enforced. Come learn more about the discovery, assessment, recovery and copyright registration process and what’s to be gained (and lost) in the world of post-usage licensing. Hear from industry experts from the USA and Europe along with legal counsel who specializes in the field.

And returning, the popular Legal Panel: Legal gurus discuss the important issues facing our companies and industry right now. This will be followed by round-table discussions over lunch.

In depth scheduling and registration information can be found here:

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