Have You Seen This?

When researching content and writers for the blog, we bookmark interesting articles and sites that may not end up as an article here, but are definitely worthy of a mention… and your time. Here are a few recent finds:

Although image theft is rampant on the web, the field of digital forensics is ever-evolving with new ways to identify forgeries:


Under the heading of market research, it is quite interesting to see the top influencers on Instagram (these are the most desired folks on the platform that marketers try to connect with):


I don’t know what is more enchanting here: the images that this young talent creates, or his blog which carefully details his process?:


In this project by the Columbian Missourian, 100 residents of Boone County -ranging in age from one to 100 – gathered to have their portrait taken, and to be interviewed about anything they liked. The result is a mesmerizing time capsule of community:

http://media.columbiamissourian.com/100ages/ – /

Finally, we’ve obsessively been watching this space for news of this long-awaited documentary:


A postscript. On the subject of documentaries – looking for a photo doc? This list has some real gems:


IMG_3454Email me with ideas for posts and story pitches. We welcome proposals. Hope the links are interesting.

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