ACSIL Footage Expo

Want to see some of the most compelling moving imagery ever produced on earth? Then take yourself to Manhattan on April 29th: to a loft location filled with light, where the Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors (ACSIL) will be hosting a variety of conferences on today’s footage dynamic in creative, commercial, and educational media. Prepare yourself for footage of places – beaches, oceans, deserts – populated by people – hipsters, natives, soldiers, children – in search of fun, justice, liberty, and, just maybe, the “perfect wave.” Because all of the world, in microcosm, will be here…

From WPA, you can source Teddy Roosevelt waving, the KKK marching, Wall Street trading, railroads being laid across America, and the Hindenburg burning. From FramePool, you can see soccer matches, spitting cobras, napalm landing on villages in Vietnam, and sections of spaceships decoupling. HBO Archives offers online searching, digital delivery, and free research/screeners of everything from Vegas crap tables, Selma marches, decades of fashion catwalks, and celebrities being… well… celebrities.

For the last twelve years, ACSIL is the go-to destination to connect with the world’s leading providers of stock and archival footage. ACSIL members represent and license high quality clips and unique deep content. If you work in advertising, film, television and home entertainment, then this is your first stop; also for reinventions of book publishing, museums, educational vendors; and even more so if you work in new markets (yes, they’re talking to you, video gamers and Internet apps…).

A short list of some of their other members includes: ITN Source, Getty Images, Huntley Film Archive and NBC Universal Archives.

ACSIL sponsors multiple stock footage based initiatives including; gathering data on the global stock footage market, forming a Code of Practices committee to lead discussions about new licensing paradigms and monitoring shifts in domestic and international copyright law.

ACSIL also reaches out to meet the needs of the production community. They sponsor events, host panel discussions and present seminars on a wide range of footage industry subjects. Whether it’s sharing best practices for footage research or talks about licensing and rights clearances, ACSIL supports the production community.

The ACSIL Footage Expo 2015 features news archives, contemporary HD cinematographers, natural science & behavioral specialists, historical motion picture archives, pop- and high-culture rights holders, animation and graphic artists, celebrity footage, dash-cam operators, time-lapse specialists, international shooters. In fact, if you have a content itch, the ACSIL is likely to scratch it.

But there’s not only footage here; attendees can research copyright and clearance, media and technology, and job listings.

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