A Little Summertime Reading

Taking a gander around the interwebs to see what there may be going on in the photography world during long hot days. A few items of interest:

Everyone is talking about the Sundance darling film shot ALL on an iPhone:
http://www.pdnonline.com/features/techniques/video/Sundance-Favorite-Tangerine-is-a-Feature-Film-Shot-on-iPhones-14018.shtml. The reviews agree that is is well worth the time. Shot on a 5s with an 8 dollar app.

For more serious consideration –
The article sparking summer conversations everywhere –
Social Media Usage

We have all been wondering and Paul Melcher weighs in on the Adobe acquisition of Fotolia.
David Hockney has a new show – “David Hockney: Painting and Photography ” in Venice, California. He states: ‘If you really think about it, I know the single photograph cannot be seen as the ultimate realist picture. Well not now. Digital photography can free us from a chemically imposed perspective that has lasted for 180 years.” (David Hockney, AnnelyJudaFineArt.co.uk)’ If you can’t get to  LA Louver by September 18th, take a look at this review.

Will wrap this up with a look at Danny Clinch’s new book, Still Moving.
Opens with an essay by the Boss himself. As Willie Nelson says, “Still is still moving to me.”

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