Registered to attend

    360i Associate Director, Art Production
    744 Creative Owner / Designer
    ABC News Deputy Photo Director
    AD Design Associates designer
    AD Design Associates Art Director
    Ad Infinitum Press President
    Adventium Creative Director
    Aetna Design Manager
    AFP Senior Account Manager
    AFP-Services Business Development Manager
    Against All Odds Productions CEO
    Ailanthus, Inc President
    AKQA Associate Director, Film+Motion
    Alexander Marketing Corp. Creative Director
    ALIREAZ INC Designer / CEO
    AM Mascia Design Inc. Owner/Creative Director
    AMA Art Director
    AMC Networks (IFC) Manager, Post Production
    American Museum of Natural History Photo Editor
    Amnet Systems project manager
    Amy Wessan Fine Art Owner
    Andrea Stern Associates Ltd Director
    Anyclip Sales Director
    Anyclip VP Sales
    Aptara Director
    Archaeology Magazine Executive Editor
    Archival Film and Photo Research Researcher
    Archive Valley Researcher
    Archive Valley Growth Manager
    Art & Photo Research Editor/Researcher
    Art of Museums, LLC. CEO/Co-Founder
    Arthur King Consulting Director
    Artline Art Designer
    Artline President
    Atlas Films Archival Researcher
    Autonomedia Editor/Publisher
    Avanti Press Photo Researcher
    B&HPhoto Creative Content Writer
    Barbara Hirth-Strauss Art Buyer
    Barbette Media Services Principal
    Barbette Media Services Art Buyer
    Bard Graduate Center Manager Rights & Reproductions
    BD Art Director
    Bedford, WH Freeman & Worth Publishers: Macmillan Higher Education Senior Photo Editor
    BET NETWORKS VP, Strategy & Ops
    BET Networks Sr. Director of Operations
    Beverage Media Group Art Director
    Beverage Media Group designer
    Beverage Media Group, Inc. Designer
    BIC Graphic Product Manager
    BIC Graphic Photo Licensor
    Big Picture Research (Freelance) Visual Researcher/Rights Clearance Officer
    Bloomberg BusinessWeek Photo Editor
    BLR Graphic Designer
    Blue Marble Brands Senior Graphic Designer
    Blue Marble Brands Creative Production Manager
    bluedot projects Photo Editor
    Boclips Coo
    Bonnier Corp Integrated Design/Production Manager Photography Manager
    Brains Workgroup, Inc. Hadoop Business Developer
    Buitenkant Advertising & Design Assitant Art Director
    Buitenkant Advertising & Design Creative Director
    Canva Director of Marketplace
    Carousel Research, Inc President
    Carousel Research, Inc Picture Researcher
    CBS rights and clearances
    Chatterbox Enterprises Creative Consultant
    CHP Productions Inc President
    Clayton Design Graphic Designer/Owner
    Collab Director of Partnerships
    Collaboration America Producer
    Collaboration America Researcher
    columbia college chicago photography adjunct
    Concept Farm Head of Production & Post
    Consultant Creative Director
    Copyright Alliance Communications and Social Media Manager
    Copyright Alliance Membership Services Coordinator President
    Craig Jordan Design Director
    Crisma Imaging Picture Editor
    CTM Partner Relations Manager
    CTM Media Consultant
    Custom Video Productions Inc. CEO
    Cyndi Shattuck Archiving Archivist
    Daily Beast Photo Editor
    Daily Mail Photo Director
    Damienpostellmovies Filmmaker
    data confidential ceo/cto
    David Herman Studio Owner
    David Thall Creative Director
    Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP Production Coordinator
    Design Conceptions Freelance researcher
    Designs for Growth design director
    Deutsch SVP, Director of Art and Print Production
    Deutsch Associate Producer, Integrated
    Digitas Lbi Director of Art Production
    Discovery Photo Editor
    Disney Publishing Worldwide Junior Designer
    Disney Publishing Worldwide Design Assistant
    Diva Design Principal, Design Director
    Douglas & Voss Creative Director
    Douglas + Voss Principal
    Downtown Bookworks Editorial Director
    Droga5 Talent Business Manager
    DVG Studios Director
    Dynamo Design Art Director
    E.Gluck Corp creative Director
    Echo Design Group Director, Ecom + Creative Services
    Ede Rothaus Associates Director
    Educational Testing Service Product Administrator
    Eidolon Communications Senior Graphic Designer
    Elizabeth Arden Producer
    Erzulie Films Producer/director
    Essence Magazine Creative Assistant
    Essence Magazine Photo Editor
    Europa Newswire Owner
    Everyday Health Senior Photo Editor
    Everyday Health Inc. Photo Editor
    Excogitate Consultancy IT Consultant
    EY Art Director
    Eyesteelfilm Researcher
    F.I.L.M. Archives President
    Fairchild Books Art Editor
    Family Circle Photo Director
    Family Circle Assistant Photo Editor
    Fanthology Creative Director
    FCB Executive Producer
    FcbHealthcare Senior Producer
    FDH Media Enterprises LLC Senior Producer
    Feldman & Associates, Inc. President
    Feldman & Associates, Inc. Principal
    Fine Design Creative Director
    Firelight Films Production Assistant
    Firelight Films producer
    FL&O Communications Creative Director
    Florentine Dilms Associate Producer
    Florentine Films Co-Producer
    Food Network Photo Director
    Footage File Archive Researcher
    Footagefile Researcher
    Foreign Policy Association Assistant Editor
    Foreign Policy Association Editor in Chief
    Foreign Policy Association Creative Manager
    Fox Movietone News/ Fox News/ Fox Business Network Vice President
    Fox News Archive Business Development Manager
    free lambstar production producer/writer
    Freelance Producer
    Freelance Image Director
    Freelance Media Rights Consultant
    Freelance Producer/ Archival Researcher
    Freelance Art producer
    Freelance Photo Researcher/Editor
    Freelance archival producer / R&C
    Freelance Senior Producer
    Freelance Photo Researcher/Art Buyer
    Freelance Client Manager
    Freelance Designer
    Freelance Archival Producer
    Freelance Associate Producer
    Freelance Creative Director
    Freelance Archival Producer and researcher
    Freelance Archival Producer / AV Researcher
    Freelance picture researcher
    Freelance Photo Editor/Researcher
    Freelance GM
    Freelance researcher / consultant
    Freelance Sr Designer
    Freelance Owner/Creative Director
    Freelance Independent
    Freelance Archival Researcher/ Producer
    Freelance Graphic Artist
    Freelance Web designer
    Freelance freelance
    Freelance Image Researcher
    Freelance N/a
    Freelance Consultant
    Freelance Photo Researcher/Editor & Photographer
    Freelance Business Development Consultant
    Freelance Marketing Manager
    Freelance Copyright & Visual Researcher
    Freelance Senior Art Producer
    Freelance Photo Editor
    Freelance Integrated Content Producer/ Creative Services
    Freelance President
    Freelance Archival Producer
    Freelance Archival Researcher
    Freelance Image Researcher/Buyer
    Freelance Freelance Photo Researcher & Editor
    Freelance Visual media buyer
    Freelance Photo Editor/Photo Researcher (freelance)
    Freelance Visual Content Producer
    Freelance Archival Producer/Researcher
    Freelance Author
    Freelance WORDSMITH
    Freelance owner
    Freelance Freelance Photo Editor
    Freelance Senior Graphic Designer/Art Director
    Freelance Art & Content Producer
    Freelance Picture Editor
    Freelance Archival Film/Photo Researcher
    Freelance Editor, Curator, etc.
    Freelance Photo research, permissions
    Freelance Associate photo editor/researcher
    Freelance Art Director
    Freelance Picture Editor, Editor & Writer
    Freelance Co-Producer
    Freelance Visual Researcher
    Freelance Research and Rights & Clearances
    Freelance Photo Researcher
    Freelance Researcher
    Freelance Photo
    Freelance Researcher and Archival Producer
    Freelance Archive Producer/Visual Researcher
    Freelance @ Emerge Creative Director
    Freelance Consultant Documentary Specialist
    FreshDirect Director
    Full Scope Media Creative Services, Print Production Manager
    G Design + Communications Design + Communications Strategist
    Galaxy of Graphics Creative Buyer
    General Film Corporation Researcher
    Getty Images Research Editor
    Ginsey Home Solutions Creative Director
    Girl Scouts of the USA Graphic Designer
    Global Photo Solutions LLC. Creative Consultant/Photographer
    Globalscope Buyer
    Grand Central Publishing Creative Director
    Graphic Design USA Vice President
    Gravity Media Production Director
    H4B Chelsea Senior Producer
    Hachette Book Group Creative Director
    Hadassah Senior Graphic Designer
    Hagley Museum and Library Curator, Audiovisual & Digital Collections
    Hargrove Entertainment Inc. President
    HarperCollins Senior Art Director
    HarperCollins Publishers Assistant Manager, Rights
    Havas Health & You Art Buyer
    HBO Manager, Rights & Clearances, Licensing
    HBO Manager, Rights & Clearances
    Hieropub LLC Managing Member/owner
    High End Weekly researcher
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Art Producer
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Senior Acquisition Speacialist
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt VP, Intellectual Property Acquisition
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Sr. Acquisitions Specialist ISG
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Senior Intellectual Property Manager
    iAfrika publisher
    iAfrika Publishing Publisher
    Image and Space Ltd. MD
    Image Research Team Producer/ Director Stock photo commissioner
    ImageRescue, Inc. Producer
    Images Inc. Photo Editor and Reviewer/Writer
    IMG/RIX Magazine CEO
    In Style Magazine
    Independent Archive Producer
    Ingimage Sales manager
    Insignia Films Archival Producer
    Interval International Inc. Photo Editor
    Iris A. Brown Design Principal
    JLP Studio Photo Researcher
    John Wiley & Sons Director, Creative Services
    John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Permissions Specialist
    JORDEXX, Inc. President
    Judith Salavetz Principal
    Jukin Media Licensing Manager
    JWT Executive Producer, Art Buying
    Kane & Silverman Marketing Director
    Kavanagh Media Research Picture Researcher
    KBI Design Group Freelance Art Director
    Kensington Publishing Art Director
    Kensington Publishing Creative Director
    Knowledgemotion Content Director
    Lebowitz/Gould/Design, Inc. VP, CD
    Left/Right Archival Producer
    Left/Right Productions Rights & Clearances
    Leonardo Studio Inc President
    Leonardo Studio Inc Manager
    Lieber Brewster Design, Inc. Designer
    Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Creative Director
    Lindblad Expeditions Design Director
    Lindblad Expeditions Art Director & Staff Photographer
    Lindblad Expeditions Art Director
    Lumina Datamatics Director
    Lumina Datamatics Senior Project Manager
    Lumina Datamatics Manager, Research and Permissions Photo/Video
    Lumina Datamatics Director, Research and Permissions Photo/Video
    Lumina Datamatics Director of Media Technologies
    Lumina Datamatics Rights & Permissions Manager
    Lumina Datamatics Project Manager, Research and Permissions
    Lumina Datamatics Senior Director, Rights Management Systems
    Maacmillan Senior Photo Editor
    Mabinogi 7 Media, Inc. President
    Macmillan Creative Director
    Macmillan Rights & Billing Manager
    Macmillan Learing Media Permissions Manager
    Macmillan Learning Permissions Manager
    Macmillan Learning Permissions Assistant
    Macmillan Learning Director of Rights and Permissions
    Macmillan Learning Permissions Associate
    Macmillan Learning Photo Editor
    Macmillan Publishers Art Rights Mgmt
    Madame karine Visual Researcher
    Madavor Media Manager
    Madavor Media Sales Manager
    Mass Appeal Director Research & Development
    Mass Appeal Researcher
    Mass Appeal Archival Producer
    Masterson Consulting Director
    McFrank & Williams Ad Agency Director of Account Services
    McGee Media Associate Producer
    Mcgee Media Producer
    McGraw-Hill Senior Art Director
    McGraw-Hill Companies Digital Coordinator/Archivist
    McGraw-Hill Education Digital Archivist/Asset Librarian
    McGraw-Hill Education Senior Project Coordinator
    McGraw-Hill Education Media Designer
    McGraw-Hill Education Senior Science Editor
    McGraw-Hill Education Technical Product Manager
    McGraw-Hill Education Digital Asset Librarian
    McGraw-Hill Education Senior Graphic Designer
    Mechanism Digital Executive Producer
    Medical Images Sales Manager
    Meetinghouse Productions Head of Rights and Clearances
    Meetinghouse Productions, Inc President
    Meetinghouse Productions, Inc VP, Digital
    Metro Creative Graphics Vice President of Creative Services
    MLBAM Supervisor - Media OPS
    MS Images Freelance Art Buyer
    Museum Store Products Inc Product Development Mgr Chief Creative Officer Chief Operations Officer
    NameFace LLC CEO
    National Geographic Channel Photo Producer/publicist
    National Parks Magazine Photo Editor
    National September 11 Memorial & Museum Rights & Reproduction Manager
    New-York Historical Society Image and Rights Acquisition
    Newsday Features Photo Editor
    Newsela Managing Editor
    Newsela Editor
    Notochord President
    NOVUS Visual /Content Manager
    NRH Photography Picture Editor
    OGILVY Content Coordinator
    Ogilvy Art Content Producer
    Ogilvy & Mather Art Content
    OMGTV!!! Founder, CEO
    Oracle Photography Director
    Oxford University Press Media Manager
    P3GM P3 Global Management Creative Director
    Pagnano & Pagnano Design/Photo Inc. Creative Director
    Pearson Director
    Pearson Media Manager
    Penguin Random House executive art director
    Penguin Random House AD
    Penguin Random House Art Manager
    Penguin Random House Publishing Operations
    Penguin Random House Graphic Designer
    Penguin Random House Art Dept Coordinator
    Penguin Random House Graphic Designer + Creative Services Manager
    Penguin Random House Senior Designer
    Phyllis Busell Graphic Design Design Director
    Pilot Design Group Production Manager
    Planetfab LLC CEO
    Planetfab LLC Art Director
    Planned Parenthood Digital Content Manager, Photo Editor
    Play It Again Sam's Video Productions Video Editor Videographer Projectionist Artist
    POSSIBLE Senior Researcher Owner Executive Assistant
    Prana Productions documentary filmmaker | transmedia producer
    Press and the Public Project Associate Producer
    Production Resources Production Resources
    Random House Senior Art Director
    Random House Designer
    Ranger Rick Magazine National Wildlife Federation Senior Photo Editor
    RB Associates Systems Analyst
    re:DESIGN3, Inc. Owner
    Red Marble Media Archival Producer
    Redmonkey Design Creative Director
    Reliable Design Studios Art Director
    Retro Report Archival Producer
    Rezolution Pictures Visual Research, Editor
    Richard Kroll Research Art Buyer/Researcher
    Rivanne Graphics Art Director
    Rivanne Graphics Graphic Designer
    Robin Sand Photo Research Photo Researcher
    Rode Creative Director
    Rokkan VP, Senior Art Producer
    Rokkan Media LLC Business Manager
    Rollout CEO & Creative Director
    Rosen Publishing Photo Manager
    Rosen Publishing Image Licensing Coordinator
    Rosen Publishing Group Administrative Assistant
    Rosen Publishing Group Senior Web Editor
    Rosen Publishing Group Graphic Designer
    Rosen Publishing Inc. Researcher
    Rosen Publishing Inc. Digital Marketing Coordinator
    Royal Art & Design, Inc. Director
    Saatchi Wellness Art Buying Controls/Permissions
    Scholastic Photo Research & Permissions Manager
    Scholastic Senior Art Director
    Scholastic Photo Editor
    Scholastic Sr. Art Director
    Scholastic and Photo Solutions Photo Editor
    Scholastic Education Freelance Photo Researcher
    Scholastic Inc. Manager of Visual Content
    Scholastic Inc. Media Rights Specialist
    Scholastic Inc. Senior Photo Editor
    Scholastic Inc. Photo Research and Permission Specialist
    Scholastic Inc. Photo Business Manager
    Scholastic Inc. Photo Editor/Researcher
    Scholastic, Inc. Visual Content Strategist, Digital and Print
    Scholastic, Inc. Photo Researcher
    School of American Ballet Assistant Manager
    Scientific American Rights and Permissions
    Scientific American Assitant Photo Editor
    Selling Stock Editor
    SFA Creative Director
    Shari Goetz Art Producer
    Show of Force Archival Producer
    SIAC Director
    Sidley Austin LLP Creative Manager
    Sim & Brander Group Art Director
    Simon & Schuster Designer
    Simon & Schuster Senior Art Director
    Simon & Schuster Art Assistant
    Simon and Schuster Designer
    Simply Presented President
    Smithsonian Group Publishing Art Director
    SMMC - Sun & Moon Marketing Communications Creative Diretcor
    SNG Design Art Director
    Socrates Gomez LTD Creative Consultant
    Specialty Food Association Art Director
    Spencer Drate Art Director
    St. Martins Press Senior Designer
    St. Martins Press Rights Coordinator
    STALKR Visual Researcher
    Sterling Publishing Photo Editor
    Sterling Publishing Cover Designer
    Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. Art Director
    Sterling Publishing Company Photo Editor
    Sterling Publishing Company Photography Director
    StickTogether Products, LLC Partner / Member
    Storyful Head of Video
    Storyful Global Head of Strategic Partnerships
    StudioDesignWorks Designer
    Stunt Pants, Inc content acquisition consultant
    Sun & Moon Marketing Communications Creative Director
    Susan Newman Design Inc. Design Assistant
    Sway NY Partner/Creative Director
    Synthetic Imaging President
    tagcreative creative producer
    tagcreative creative director
    Tall Glass of Color Graphic Designer
    Tar Beaty Design Services Creative Director
    The Advance Group Art Director
    The Birds and The Beads Owner
    The Daily Beast Business Development Director
    The Daily Beast Director of Photography
    The Daily Beast Photo Editor
    The Found Art Company President
    The Great Courses Intellectual Property Manager
    The Great Courses Sr Manager, Brand & Marketing Imagery
    The Great Courses Marketing IP Coordinator
    The Gulliver Design Group Art Director
    The Hastings Center Art Director
    The Image Research Team Director - Image Researcher
    The Knot, XO Group Inc Associate Photo Editor
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art Associate Rights & Permissions Specialist
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art Senior Manager of Rights & Permissions
    The Morgan Library & Museum Assistant Manager of Imaging and Rights
    The NCC Group Creative Director
    The New Republic Photo Director
    The New York Times Senior Photo Editor
    The New York Times Picture Editor
    The New York Times Photo Editor/Art Buyer
    The New York Times Video Archive Manager
    The New York Times Photo Editor
    The Pink Room President/Designer
    The Port Authority of NY & NJ Senior Designer
    The Rosen Publishing Group Photo Research Manager
    The Teaching Company Associate Producer
    The Verdon Fosse Legacy LLC Historian of Popular Culture
    The Vesuvius Group Creative Director Founder
    Thirteen/WNET Producer
    Thomson Reuters Senior Graphic Designer
    Tide-mark Press Creative Buyer
    Time for Kids Photo Editor
    TIme Inc Photo Editor
    TIme Inc Photo Assistant
    TIME Inc Books Photo Editor
    Time Inc. Picture Editor
    TIME Inc. Video Producer
    Time Inc. Coordinator
    Time Inc. Digital Media Manager
    TIME Inc. Digital Asset Contracts and Rights Manager
    TMBI/Reader's Digest Art Director
    Toby Greenberg Picture Research & Photo Editing Photo Researcher & Photo Editor Senior multimedia editor
    Torrisi Design Associates Creative Director
    Torrisi Design Associates, Inc. Senior Designer
    Torrisi Design Associates, Inc. Designer
    Truitt & Marshall Picture Editor
    Trunk Archive - Gallery Stock Senior Licensing Agent
    truTV Digital Image Producer
    UFOshots, LLC Key Account Manager / stock footage reasearcher
    Under The Sign Producer/Director
    UNIFIED Art Production Manager
    United Methodist Women Senior Art Director
    United Methodist Women Production Associate
    Usablenet Sr. Designer
    UWG Sr. Producer
    UWS Design Creative Director
    VICE Canada Archive Supervisor
    VICE Media Senior Archival Manager
    VICE Media LLC Head of Archival
    VICE Media LLC Senior Archival Producer
    VICE Media LLC Archival Production Assistant
    VICE Media LLC Archival Producer
    VICE UK Ltd. Director of Licensing EMEA
    Villa Ricca Communications Researcher
    Virtus Investment Partners Graphics Arts Director
    Vista Higher Learning Test & Video Permissions Project Manager
    Vista Higher Learning Image Permissions Manager
    Vista Higher Learning Image Permissions Project Manager
    VRSC researcher
    W. W. Norton & Co. Inc. Photo Editor
    W.W. Norton Photo Editor
    W.W. Norton & Company Billing Specialist
    W.W. Norton & Company Photo Research & Permissions Manager
    Warrior Poets Archival Producer
    Watch Tower Media Acquisition Director
    Watch Tower Media Aquisition
    Watch Tower Media Acquisition
    Wazee Digital Senior Director, Advertising
    We Research Pictures, LLC Researcher
    Weight Watchers International Creative Director
    Wendy Cohen Production Resources Content Clearance Assistant
    What To Expect Photo Editor
    White & Case LLP Senior Design Production Manager
    Wiley Photo Specialist
    Wiley Manager, Photo Research & Licensing
    William H. Sadlier Photo Editor
    William H. Sadlier, Inc. Senior Image Manager
    Winer Idea Group Creative Director
    WNET Manager
    WNET Director, Rights & Clearances
    WNET Director, Non-Broadcast Sales
    WNET/Thirteen Video Coordinator
    Woman's World Magazine Executive Director of Photography
    WorldStrides Senior Designer
    WPA Film Library Educational Content Coordinator; Shutterbug monthly print magazine Contributing Editor
    Zerilli Studios Inc. Photographer
    Zero Point Zero Production Archival Producer
    Zero Point Zero Production Researcher
    Zero Point Zero Production Line Producer
    Zero Point Zero Production Production Manager
    Ziga Media, LLC Director of Photography