ACSIL Footage Expo 2015ACSIL

Where New York, United States
Date Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Venue Midtown Loft & Terrace
Address 267 Fifth Avenue (at 29th St), New York, NY 10016 (map)

Thank you if you joined us for the first ACSIL Footage Expo, where the world’s essential footage organizations meet up with media’s top players and visionaries.

We’re talking the footage business: global moving-image makers, sources and archives that have served creative communities for decades and are now leading digital visual communications across the globe.

ACSIL is the trade association for the global footage industry, and its members control the essential motion imagery of our time. Some of us are really big with high end digital workflows and offices worldwide; some are specialists with expertly crafted motion experiences; some are units of the globe’s major news and media companies; some are governmental departments; some nonprofit; some hand-crafted collections of rare and esoteric cinematic experiences.

In short, we are the organizations who have set up offices to work directly with the creative community. We have invested in digital imagery and digital workflows, in film & video restoration and preservation, in descriptive metadata and algorithmic finding aids, in the artists and filmmakers who capture iconic events and landscapes.

And we own rights to the most celebrated moving imagery ever produced on earth.

The ACSIL FOOTAGE EXPO 2015 is anchored by these major sources of footage: news archives, contemporary HD cinematographers, natural science & behavioral specialists, historical motion picture archives dating back to 1895, pop- and high-culture rights holders, animation and graphic artists, celebrity footage, dash-cam operators, time-lapse specialists, international shooters, etc. etc. etc. This is where we strut our stuff, engage our clients, and extend our reach.

This was our very first Expo, and we had a wonderful space in downtown Manhattan: a loft filled with light and an outdoor terrace within sight of the Empire State Building. We hosted a variety of conferences on today’s footage dynamic in creative, commercial, and educational media. It was an unforgettable day, and a memorial to the moment when footage started to drive all communications. If you are engaged in work that involves video, you belonged here.

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