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Image types photography, illustration, digital/composites, footage
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people: babies / children, adults / families

living: lifestyles, domestic, holidays, romance, fashion / glamour, health, food / drink

society / culture: rites / rituals, race / culture, war / disasters, social problems, education, current affairs, history

art / crafts / hobbies: paintings / sculptures, artifacts, crafts, hobbies, entertainment / performing arts, illustrations / posters

sports / activities: team sports, solo sports, adventure, fitness, games

business / industry: agriculture, construction, manufacturing, office / finance

science / technology: biological / chemical, electrical, mechanical / physical, medical

transport: road / vehicles, rail, air / space, sea / waterways

buildings / structures: architectural styles, religious, ancient, interiors

places / maps: cities, landscapes / gardens, tourist destinations, historical scenes, aerial / maps

natural world: animals, plants, countryside / seaside, weather, space, environment

abstract / other: backgrounds / patterns, concepts, humor

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image sourcing services: in-house image research, multi-agency picture research

directories / search engines: multi-agency search engine

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