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In no particular order, links of interest to picture buyers/researchers that we have bookmarked for you:

Interested in expanding knowledge? Courses in Picture Research:

The Copyright Alliance Podcast . Totally free and full of profiles from artists, photographers, musicians and film makers on copyright and issues around IP.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Releases 400,000 Images Online for Non-Commercial Use, including 17,000 photos. Wonderful for research.

From iStock recognizes the little guy:

Model Releases from the Photographers POV

Researching footage? Try this directory: Deep Focus  complements of the Association of Moving Image Archivists

Finally, we don’t need no stinkin’ Photoshop. Images that transport and have no manipulation and are shot on film.  Just a delightful vision and wonderful set building skills. Oleg Oprisco

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© Oleg Oprisco

Its October, so it must be time for Photo Week in New York.

Photo pros are spoiled for choice next week in the Big Apple and with so much to choose from, do not let this panel presented by Visual Connections and tailored specifically for the buyer,  slip under the radar. With an unparalleled panel of leading experts in copyright, digital media law, licensing, moving and still imagery, publishing, Digital Asset Management, this is 2 hours not to be missed. Registrants also have the opportunity to submit questions in advance.

Here are some topics up for discussion:

  • Facebook, are images and portraits from Facebook copyrighted images if used in the news out of context of the Facebook page (pulled off of the page)?
  • Is Pinterest considered “editorial” and thus fair-use or even more so, because it is editorial, it is considered illegal?
  • Are screen shots (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) used as images legal?
  • How are photographers and agencies changing their RF and RM licenses to accommodate publishers of ebooks and other electronic content?
  • How are publishers acquiring license digital rights for electronic uses such as iPads, tablets and iPhones that are ancillary to books and magazine production.


Q&A Session
What you need to know about copyright, licensing and image/footage usage trends
Our panel of distinguished experts will answer questions on all aspects of sourcing, licensing and using images and footage. Expect to pick up useful tips on copyright, fair use, orphan works, royalty free, managed rights, specialist image sources, and innovative uses of imagery.

The session starts at 10am and will finish by noon. At the end of the session the exhibit floor will open and lunch will be served.

Here is the link with instructions to register, bios of speaker line up and more:

Model and property releases

Welcome to the Visual Connections discussion on model and property releases. You can find a detailed introduction and FAQ on this subject in our Infozone, and here we invite you to ask questions and comment on any aspects of this issue.

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